Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Celebrity stumbled upon and sighting

In my not so long life, I have come across a few celebrities.And I have never ever have this feeling of chatting them up or smiling at them. I don't know why is that, maybe I don't want to be seen star struck or jakun kot. Haha. What I usually did is just passed by and ignore their existence. Haha. But I like observing them though and see how they acted in the public.

The other day at KLCC I saw Afdlin Shauki and I thought he was well, larger than his image on tv. Or did he gain some weight? He was walking up on the escalator in front of Kinokuniya and he looked daze and in a rush. I also in my not knowing ignorance is bliss state have come face to face with Malique of Too Phat. But that was before he became famous. Anyway before that I was chatting with a guy in mirc (please bear in mind this is some where around 1998 ya..) and he was selling this hip hop gig ticket. My friends and I wanted to go to the gig and so I met up with this guy at One Utama, and that guy is actually Malique with his then girlfriend. I don't realise it was Malique until I saw the very same guy performing on stage during the gig. Anyway if you want to see Malay young girls in skimpy little outfit that maybe you will even popped out of your eyes, do come to hip hop gigs..heheh..I had a shock of my life then but I kept my cool of course. Haha.

Normala Samsuddin, the supposed most beautiful malay women a few years back and I accidentally bumped into her at KLCC and she was wearing this black and white polka dots pants that look like auntie pants. I thought maybe she was dressing hideously so people don't recognise her, but she was of course beautiful nonetheless.

But the most memorable celebrity sights to me down to this two guy. Guy # 1 is Emmett of Butterfingers. Emmett is the lead singer of Butterfingers and in the late 90s, Butterfingers are my most favourite local band. I went to a few gigs and saw him on stage but have never met him face to face. And one day when I was a freshman at MMU, Emmett was actually a few feet away from me at the lab! I was tongue tied but never felt so giddy in my life! Haha. At last he went away without me saying anything of course. After that only I know that he is also an MMU student. No wonder lah.

Stolen from Flickr. I still got shivers when I hear Emmett's heart wrenching voice. Hoho

And guy#2 is Nicolas Anelka. If you are asking Nicolas who, well he is a footballer who currently plays for Chelsea. Can you guess where I accidentally met him? It was when I did my sa'ie during my umrah! Haha. I did not recognise him at first but my sister did. He was with a few guys who look like athletes since their body is so huge and taut. Imagine my sister and I did our sa'ie while half running to get near to Nicolas Anelka's group so we can make sure that it is really Nicolas Anelka. It was NIcolas Anelka alright, but I suppose if I met him somewhere along the road or something (anywhere but not when I am performing my umrah! haha) I would have asked for his autograph.
Nicolas Anelka

Oh well, that was a few run ins I had with my celebrity. I'm sure you guys have better story than me, but right now if I have the choice, here are a few celebrities that I wish I can bumped into:
1. Jennifer Aniston and John mayer - I love Jennifer Aniston and John Mayer's Your Body is a Wonderland is one of my most favourite song ever!

2. Cristiano Ronaldo - I thought Manchester United should just let him go during that time when he really want to go to Real Madrid, and sometimes I thought he even look like mat rempit with those kind of hair. Haha. But if I ever met him I of course will run after him for his autograph and maybe some pic. Haha.
3. Tony Leung Chiu Wai - my most favourite Chinese actor! I love him in Infernal Affairs and I've watched that movie over and over again when it aired on tv. Hehe.
Tony Leung in Infernal Affairs

4. Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale and their sons - one of my favourite celebrity couples.
The G&G with son, Kingston-before she was pregnant with her second one, Zuma (how did she get away naming a child like that game Zuma anyway? Haha)

5. Mawi - yes this is true. I have never seen him in person and I used to like him when he was in AF. And that AF was the only AF that I really watched anyway. Kehkeh.

5 superstars:

Mimi said...

hehe.. recently i also bumped into few local celebs, the putri girl at alamanda (the preggy one), nasha (oh she's gorgeous) and ida nerina at the gardens. I wish I've said something to Ida though, like how she rocks the TARA show and stuffs, but I ws busy scolding Awisy for something n ws also a lil bit startstrucked. Hehe.

supermummy said...

the putri girl tu nora danish la kan? aha ida in tara was surprising..initially i thought she won't last..but she made it to top 3..that was really great!

precious innocent said...

mawi mai ofis i, sbb we all buatkan coin utk dia... i siap amik gambo dgn dia, ada tempek kat fs i... dia tinggi 1 inci je dr i rupenye... mmg kerek, & nampak suka bebudak..

sila la jeles yek!!!ngeh ngeh

-mama emma-

Liyana said...

aku penah jumpa hans isaac, ally iskandar,harith niskandar,mnah yang blakon cite2 gerak khas...and of course makcik jauh ku pn azean irdawaty dan anaknya benji,tp rasanya tu x ble kira terserempak la kan coz mmg sedara ;-P

Zanna_MamaBatrice said...

sapa celebrity yg i pernah jumpa yerk?
hu hu hu
xpernah kot....

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