Friday, January 16, 2009

Amazing Blog Friday:

This is my first 2009 entry on Amazing Blog Friday! Today's feature only started their business 3 months ago but you just have to see their vast collections of bags! If you have been seaching high and low for a shop that is 'quirky, eccentric and fun-loving', look no further as is here!

Their website is so colourful and they have lots of promotion too! I managed to catch up with the owner of and here it is...

1. Can you tell me more about AliceWonders?
AliceWonders is in short an “alternative shopping world”. We wanted to give something more than a retail therapy in a shopping mall, and thought that the concept of Alice In Wonderland suited the purpose very well. It is an adventure; it’s unpredictable; and best of all, it has this sense of eccentricity that gives us room to offer shoppers a little mischievous humor and surprise! In a nut shell, it’s what we would love to call “fashion shopping with a twist”.

2. When did you start your online shop? officially launched on 15th Oct 2008

3. What drive you to start your business online?
The business was founded by two friends who are basically very very restless people and loves to argue about ideas. Jaded about corporate life and one fine morning decided to quit the rat race, to start something we could call our own. Both of us believes very much in the power of the internet and how it will transform the way we shop. For example, an online shop has the capacity to carry a thousand variety of products, and yet present shoppers a very effective of browsing through it!

4. Are you doing online business full time or is this only for side income?
We are 24 hours, 7 days a week, fully focused on this growing baby =)

5. Which bag do you think is the bestseller?
We have a few actually! Our ranges of laptop bags are extremely popular, for example the Flower Power ( Another one would be designer inspired series that we have just launched (

6. Do you have a physical shop ?
Not yet, but we are on a look out for one! =)

7. How do you promote your business?
Currently, all these are through online channels. Especially through helpful and dedicated bloggers like supermummy =)

Currently you can spend any amount at to enjoy a salon hair treatment masque voucher at only RM10!

8. Which part of Malaysia or the world does your customers come from?
Everywhere! And we are most happy whenever we see customers from outside KL/Klang Valley, as we like to think that we are bringing in more choices for them to shop.

9. What makes your online shop different than other shops?
From the product aspect, we go seriously hunting all around the world for the loveliest bags that are of good quality. Till date, I believe we are the online shop offering the largest variety of bags! =)

As for the character of the shop, we’ll like to think that our shop is a little quirky, eccentric and fun-loving. Shoppers will discover the site is peppered with references to the Alice in Wonderland story…E.g. “Down the rabbit hole” (which leads to our yummy products), “Teapot Hot”, gloved hand cursors that seem to be pointing everywhere…

Even as part of our launch campaign in November 2008, we’ve actually given out one free bag a day for the whole week! We organized a one week rabbit hunt on our website, which offers a free bag of his/her choice. (“Find the White Rabbit and Win A FREE BAG of your choice”). Of course, this hunt caused some serious addiction, especially the gung-ho ones would be busy looking for tips on our facebook, sitting in front of the internet waiting for rabbit release time…Well, good news is, a second hunt is coming soon ;)

In short, we’re all about making a girl’s shopping fantasy come true! We are aiming everyday to surprise and delight anyone who takes time to surf our site and buy from us. From the fact that we run promotions so differently (which other websites asks you to go rabbit hunting?), a real rabbit for sale on our site, to the little things we do like inserting a surprise gift into every bag that we deliver!

10. Any tips or advice for new or budding women entrepreneurs out there?
I believe sometimes the most difficult part about starting a business, is just actually taking the first step, or the “plunge”, “leap of faith” to believe in your idea and DO IT. And there is no such thing as “too much planning” that you can do for your start up. You’ll need to look into every single detail and aspect, have a plan B and safety net for everything. This does not mean that you need to stick to it like a textbook, as I realize we have been improvising, improving the business model as we grow. Lastly of course, having support from loved ones is the most important thing to see you through the tough times. It makes the journey much more beautiful =)

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Easy right? Well good luck! By the way, for the lovely people at, here's one for you:

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