Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Yong Peng is definitely not for the faint hearted

Last weekend we went to Cha'ah fo my cousin's wedding. If you are wondering where is Cha'ah, it is somewhere 20km++ from Yong Peng. Previously my mother said we are going to stay for the night at the cousin's house in Cha'ah. But somehow my father changed the plan again and we ended up searching for hotel in Yong Peng. Now, now.. a decent hotel in Yong Peng is particularly unheard of and the idea of searching for hotel in that idea is actually painstakingly hard!

There were two that we found, the first one was Hotel Zaifa, which when you initially looked at it resemble an Arab names, but then I rolled my eyes and there I saw underneath the hotel Restoran Zai Fatt! Clever la this guy since he bluff me. Husband and my father went inside but the guy at the counter layan tak layan so Husband and my father ditched this one. We found the second one which is Hotel Sook Heng or something (more like motel!) and we managed to secure the most expensive room there which has double and single bed at RMM63. Now, it's not everyday we get to live in the most expensive room in the hotel right? Haha. Well, at least they have decent toilets though I thought the place looked like the kind of place Jabatan Agama will do their raid. Hehehe..

The red circle is the glorious Sook Heng!

But then, I thought it was an adventure and I always love adventurous trip but I hope I am not going to this type of hotel again soon..hahah. And the next morning we arrived at my cousin's house around 9am. The kampung name is Desa Temu Jodoh, comel kan? Haha.. The tok kadi then arrived and somehow I don't know where he got the idea, but he actually thought I was the bride! Isk, tak nampak ke anak saya ni tok kadi..haha. I was actually wearing the same outfit during the Zubye photoshoot and I don't think it is an outfit that bride would wear.
from l-r: cik yati (my auntie), me, acik (my sister) and my mother
The actual bride and the funny tok kadi

The pengantin lelaki actually made the tok kadi waited for a good half an hour! But then at least they arrived and my cousin has become a wife! And unluckily my camera ran out of battery after the above shot..haha.

So if you ever passed by Yong Peng and thinking of staying at a hotel here, I think it is better if you go to Batu Pahat instead. Batu Pahat is sooo very wayy much better and unless you are willing to use tuala which is koyak-koyak and live in motel-like hotel- my advice stay away from this Sook Heng!

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nurulzia said...

hi supermummy..
salam perkenalan to u too...nice meeting u here...so how's life?

achee_b165 said...

Yong Peng?? rasanya x penah smpai lg kot...

~p-na mama oja~

Mommy Lily said...

comelnye nama kampung tu

sape nk bertemu jodoh kena ke situ la ye

Zanna_MamaBatrice said...

yong peng tu just pekan kecik jer mummy...so no wonder susah nak cari hotel yg baik.......

Nurmala said...

kita x pernah gi yong peng..huhu~~
tapikan, comel je nama kg tu Desa Temu Jodoh..

neezareef said...

toksah la dok kt otel cenggitu..hehe

supermummy said...

life is ok..hoping it to be better!terima masih kerana melawat yaa

aha..takyah g yong peng pon taper..pegi je batu pahat terus..kehkeh

mommy lily
haha..tapi masa mula2 kg ni dibuat mmg tu pon tujuannya..haha

haha..tapi kuala pilah pon pekan kecik juga..dan kat situ ada hotel desa inn yg jauh lagi best dari kat yong peng..heheh

haha tu la pasal

haha..dah terpaksa..takper..pengalaman..kehkeh

Zanna_MamaBatrice said...

what to do
redha jer lah ngan apa yg ada tu kan intan

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