Wednesday, December 17, 2008

When I was a kid..

When I was a kid...

1. I used to think that we actually change to other different races as we grow up!

2. I listened to Wings' album Hukum Karma everyday before I went of to school and this was mainly when I was in Standard 1 and Standard 2.

3. I had my first crush on Joe Wings, but right now even though I am older (though I cannot say wiser!) I still have heart leaps every time I saw Joe Wings!

4. I slept in the school bus everyday and sat right beside the Uncle who drove the bus and that Uncle had to wake me up every time we have reached my house.

5. I did not even go to kindegarten!

6. I learned reading by reading the newspaper, usually the section would be the rancangan tv hari ini. Now who said that reading the rancangan tv is pointless?

7. I love collecting stamps so much that I koyak the setem hasil in my parents' and my own passports! And of course when my mother knew, I got a good spanking after that! Ouch!

8. I love collecting and reading the 5 sekawan series. My favourites are the one with Eddie, George, and a few others and then the other 5 sekawan series have this Gemuk and Encik Goon..That one is so funny and I love reading it all over again!

9. I also was guilty of hitting all my my parents' pokok bunga kertas until it turned botak. Until now I don't know why I did that, it just felt 'tak salah pun' at the time. Haha.

10. I will cry every time my mother picked me up late from school, or the bus came late and once when I was in Standard 3 I even walked back to my home..alone! Apparently my uncle overslept and missed picking me up. Luckily he found me somewhere along the road..crying of course!

11. Even a taxi driver has pujuk me not to cry when I was 9 or 10. Mother's car was punctured so she has to picked me up by taxi and when they came I was already crying by the roadside..but this time in front of the school. Haha.

12. I love playing handball everyday until my mother bising since I did not help her in the kitchen. No wonder I cannot cook properly until now!

13. I cried again when I found out that the whole family is moving to Kota Bharu from PJ when I was 11.

14. And I hated Kota Bharu the first time I set my foot on its school!

15. But at 12, school in Kota Bharu is definitely lovely! Though I took quite some time to get used to the language.

16. I watched the last time Malaysia ever won the Thomas Cup! It was exciting and the whole neighbourhood in our house in KB actually celebrated when we found out Malaysia won!

17. I was accused of stealing somebody's boyfriend when I was 11! And that girl called me 'gedebe' (lebih kurang macam eksyennya kot..) . Oh and the boy was my next door neighboor!

18. Anyway the next door boy always intai2 me everytime he ride in front of my house so I suspected dia ni macam suka aku je? perasan!

19. I went to my first circus in Kota Bharu! It was the Royal London Circus!

20. I also became a big fan of 4U2C. Haha.

21. And I had my first period at 11

22. And also first pimples!

23. I also had my first bicycle accident! A car hit me from behind by the roadside and I was not injured but I ended up falling from the bicycle and the car driver paid me RM20. Haha

24. Most importantly I also had my 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th brothers and sisters!

Oh how I missed those carefree times!

14 superstars:

atty's said...

kty pun suka gak album wings tu.
lagu sejati..hehehhe

Nurmala said...

lagu sejati tu kan famous masa kita darjah 1..hehe

AyuArjuna BiGoshh said...

i like...whatever you say in column..really deeply

:iBuAfiQah: said...

sama ler..xpenah masuk kindergarden pun...(camner rasanya duk kindergarden?)
terus masuk sekolah...
tp sekolah darjah satu 2x...
no wonder masa darjah satu yg sebenar (means that masa tu umo 7 tahun la) dapt no. 1 dalam kelas...
hahaha...moment yg xblh lupa..

supermummy said...

ahaha tu la..tapi favourite lagu wings saya mestilah intanku kesepian.hhaha

haha..wah masa tu darjah 1 ke..

wah terharunya baca ayat ni..hehe..mekasih mekasihh

wah ni lagi hebat sbb 2 kali darjah satu..cane bole camtu pulak yer

idajer said...

hahaha...saya pun gila gila punyer suka 4u2c!!haha...nak gelak pulak bila igt zaman hingusan dulu..hehe

mommysarah said...


setem hasil pun ker? betul2 collector tegar ni. haha!!!

Yatie said...

hahah.. kuat nangis ruupa nye..
FYI, my tadika only 3 hari then my parent took me to s'pore... good thing is, i can speak well english since then but not bahasa kelantan
I pun suka baca buku 5 sekawan... si gemuk and mr goon.. i ingat lagi...yatie,

Pink Mama said...

my husband's aunt is actually married to Eddie Wings. So there were a few times that I jumpa Wing's punya member including Joe :)

Pink Mama said...

4U2C tu one of the them is my ex-class mate kat kelas mengaji :). ehh..ehh...tuanya aku.

supermummy said...

haha tu la samala..siap tampal poster yg tak tahan tu..hahah

haha..tu la pasal..kecik lagi tak paham la..hahah

yatie yatie org kelantan ke?

pink mama
oooo ya ke..oh saya sungguh jeles!
yg mana satu budak 4u2c tu ur classmate? heheh

Liyana said...

tak ble la camne yek???siap web proxy pun kna blok...terer btul org ict poli i ni...ko keje kerajaan apa intan?

Zanna_MamaBatrice said...

kenangan terindah dlm kehidupan..........

Zanna_MamaBatrice said...

kalu ler boleh diputar balik kan
ingat lagi dulu
nak cari duit lebih
niaga jambu air kat sekolah agama
5 biji 20 sen
jadi ler...buat tambah duit org susah

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