Friday, December 19, 2008

Tagged and toilet!

Are you an Awang or are you a Mek? family has just came back from a holiday in the Pantai Timur area - Kelantan, Terengganu and my brother snapped this photo of a toilet in Terengganu. And I thought that was the most creative toilet labelling I have ever seen! Hehe..

Anyway there's no Amazing Blog Friday again today since I have been quite busy but today I want to do some tagged that I have been procrastinating. Thank you for the tag and sorry for not doing it sooner! But here it is..

The first one is from BabyIbu

1. Berat sebelum mengandung
53 kg

2 .Berat terakhir mengandung sebelum bersalin
72 kg ( haha..I felt like an overheated balloon waiting to pop during this time!)

3. Berat selepas abis pantang
55kg..but don't ask me my current weight as I am too afraid to weigh myself. Hahah..Thanks to being stressed out and eating chocolate everyday without feeling guilty at all!

4. Apa yang korang suke makan mase mengandung?
Anything that boleh di makan-lah of course! It varies actually..the first 3 months I cannot eat the thing that I always eat and instead prefer mee goreng and toast for breakfast, laksa for lunch and my favourite drink during this time is actually Sprite! But after the dreaded 3 months my gluttonious self is back and I especially love all the sweet stuff until my doctor reprimanded me! She kept saying nanti baby besar lah, nanti kencing manis lah..No wonder I ended up with a 3.6kg of baby Husayn!

5. Hospital mana anda bersalin?
Kelana Jaya Medical Centre, PJ. And I was c-sect! Later when I think back, why lah the doctor don't want to properly teach me how to push..Hmm must be the big money that came with the c-sect kan! But I guess next time if I want to give birth again, I might try doing it at government hospital, since I'm a government servant so it's for free! Hahah..but see whether I can tahan or not..Anyone who bersalin at government hospital care to share their experience? Hehe..

6. Tunjukkan gambar anda masa least 5 keping
Oops..don't know if I have 5pcs of my pregnant post since most of my pics are lost during the great hard disk crash. But I'll paste what I have here..

Me with my ex colleague, Shima at my previous office @ 7 months pregnant

Husayn in the womb, cannot remember which month is it..

I have only two so hope it will suffice! Hoho..

1. Ariffda
2. Pink Mama
3. Nadiah Khair
4. Mommy Sarah

Baik tak I only 4 people for the tag? Hahah..Silala buat ya..

Tag No 2 from Ariffda

Tajuk:TAG Bergambar

Motif:Mengimbau Kenangan dolu2..


1.sila amik gambar.. mcm gambar yg diatas ini.
2. dan letak kan di blog anda. citer skit pergi mana pki macam ni time dulu-dulu..

How dulu-dulu is considered dulu-dulu?
Haha..mine is not dulu-dululah..just 2-4 years lazy to scan all the dulu-dulu pictures..Hehe..

Cannot remember when did this pic was taken but it was at Pizli's wedding (bila ya kau kawin Pizli?) The wedding was at Besout and the awan (yes the clouds people) is totally healthy and subur and so bulat-bulat like all the awan that you see in fairy tales and drawings! By the way Husband and I were just engaged during that time and hey what do you know, I am wearing the very same outfit today! Hohoho..

3. TAG 6 orang..
Alamak..don't want to tag anybody lah. But if anybody want to do this feel free ya!

Actually I have another tag from Ariffda but since I am in a rush right now, I guess I have to postpone this one. By the way tomorrow I am going back to Johor again for a wedding! I love love weekends ( especially long oneee!). Happy weekends ya!

p/s: By the way got this email from Mia and Mika who has been featured in Amazing Blog Friday. Apparently Mia & Mika will be joining an offline sale event this weekend in Jalan Maarof, Bangsar. Hop over to their website for more details on the event.

3 superstars:

pizli_mw said...

aku kawin tahun hmm 2005 kut.. hahahahha.. ha betulla 2005..

awan² tu jugak buat aku rasa perkahwinan aku tu mcm di blessed oleh Tuhan.. seriously..

ARIFFDA said...

kira gambo dolu2 le...sbb dulu anak dara skrg dah mak bdk, betul x?

saya 2x bersalin kat hospital gomen, sbb bg saya kalau ge private..sakit dia sama gak..wakaka..

Zanna_MamaBatrice said...

ha ha ha
mmg creative ler sign toilet tu

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