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Supermummy has been featured in Malay Mail!

I was first approached by Sheila Rahman of Malay Mail on 27 November through email inviting me to be featured on Malay Mail Cyberspot's section. Of course being a sane person who totally thrive on being featured in the media I jumped on the chance! And yesterday the write up came out. If you have missed it, here's the full version

Life as a Super mummy
By Gabey Goh
December 04, 2008

One of the many joys of motherhood is, without a doubt, the sharing of your personal hobbies and loves with your child. Done with the secret hope that they too will derive from them the same joys.

For Intan Zalani, the mumcum- blogger behind Malaysian Supermummy Unites (, the love in question is football.

“I am a big fan of Manchester United, have been ever since I was 13 and I hope my son Husayn will also support them as well, but my husband is a big Liverpool fan and he is trying to convert Husayn into a Liverpool fan too!” reveals the bubbly 27-year-old civil servant.

Blogging has been a welcomed outlet of expression and exploration for Intan, a handy method of documenting her life’s journey. Not to mention an excellent avenue for practising her writing skills.

“I used to have doubts about writing my blogs in English, but I guess I am now comfortable with my chosen path. I’ve received a lot of comments from readers encouraging me to write in English as it also helps them to improve their English as well,” she says.

With an effervescent take on life as a wife, mother and career woman, first time visitors to her blog are sure to leave with a smile and perhaps a sudden urge to do some online shopping – one of Intan’s other loves.

How and when did you start your blog?
Malaysian Supermummy Unites was born on May 1, 2008. I don’t know what actually inspired me to use “Supermummy”, but I guess it is some sort of sarcastic remark at myself since I am so far from being a super mummy! Besides that I also like to think that all mothers who visit my website are “supermummies” themselves, hence the name Malaysian Supermummy.

Currently I get about 1,000 hits per week and I am really working hard to improve the traffic. The most comments I ever had came when I posted my experience about wearing tudung (head scarves) and of course, as a blogger, comments are like the lifeline of a blog. There are few blogs I’ve encountered with more than 50 comments for each blog post. Isn’t that amazing? I hope to achieve that someday!

What were your reasons?
I started this blog because I want to share the joy and despair of motherhood with people out there, regardless of whether they are mothers or not. Since I am a big fan of online shopping, I am also doing my part to help promote Malaysian women entrepreneurs who have online shops by having a special section called Supermummy Amazing Blog Friday.

This weekly section features interviews with women online shop owners and I am doing this free of charge! Usually the entrepreneurs give discounts to my blog readers in return for the promotion. As a sign of appreciation for my readers, I sometimes hold contests and give freebies.

Has blogging changed your life?
My life has certainly changed due to all this blogging! Can you imagine trying to come up with new and exciting ideas to write fresh post everyday? For me it is sometimes tiring, especially after a busy day at the office, but I love that feeling, knowing that your post has touched other people and the comments certainly keep me going.

Blogging also has turned me into some kind of camera freak. I now arm myself with a camera, since I like my blog entries to come with pictures. The bloggers that I’ve met online have also been wonderful and I really learned a lot from them.

Any regrets over this?
Are you kidding? Blogging is certainly one of the best things that I have done. Sometimes people will try to judge you from your post and it’s irritating, but for me you just have to take things easy and go with the flow. After all, once you decide to share your life with strangers on the Internet, you just have to accept that not all people will like you.

Foremost feature in cybersphere that amazes/irritates you?
I am amazed that I can type anything on Google and I will find the answer! It’s like, why would I want to waste my time asking others when I can Google and get thousands of answers. I know this seems a little bit weird, but I found this truly fascinating and helpful.

On the other hand, the one thing that really irritates me is having to deal with viruses. I experienced this once and I ended up losing all my valuable photos – of my honeymoon, my pregnancy and even photos of my son during his early days into this world!

If you had to really choose one blog to interact with, which would it be?
This is a tricky question, but it would have to be my favourite site, Celebrity Baby Blog ( I love reading about all Hollywood celebrity lives and if you want to see the complete coverage on celebrity babies or pregnant Hollywood mums then this is the site for you too!

In fact, when I was pregnant I constantly went to this website just to browse through those fabulous Hollywood mums’ bump and style (and sometimes secretly wishing I looked as good then when they were pregnant too!). I wish we had this type of blog for Malaysian celebrities’ babies too, instead of the usual trashy stories that we are constantly bombarded with.

Through Cyberspace communication many things can happen. What would you really like to achieve?

I dream of having a complete listing of all Malaysian mummy bloggers! I also hope that my blog can be a source of information and inspiration for all Malaysian mummy bloggers regardless of race and religion. It would be fantastic if we not only knew and supported each other online, but also in real life.

If there were someone you could influence to take up blogging, who would it be?
Definitely my father. I think he would be a great football blogger since he is such a big fan of English Premier League. And you wouldn’t believe the kind of comments he makes when watching Premier League matches! Anyway, I just found out that my father also reads my blog!

Any memorable incidents?
Most memorable incident will be attending a parenting bloggers gathering for the first time. It was my first ever gathering and it was great. Most important was that my son really enjoyed it.

Additional thoughts?
To all parents who still don’t have a blog, I suggest starting one today! It will be a great way to document your children’s life journey, and yours too. You can also gain a lot of information, tips and exchange experiences with other bloggers.

To add icing to the cake, you could also earn some money through blogging and if you are lucky enough, you will be cyberspotted by Malay Mail!

For the full version visit here .

My special thanks to Sheila for the opportunity and Gabey for the wonderful write up!

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