Saturday, December 13, 2008

Separuh akhir Muzik Muzik Pop Rock and Hurray for Meet Uncle Hussein!

Muzik-muzik pop rock category is my most favourite category, although sometimes I cannot even recognise some of the songs! Haha..ignorant like deodorant (this rhymes, so what the heck.haha), I usually flipped through the radio on my way to work and back to home, but of course having a Husband who looooove listening to KL FM made me go bonkers at times! No offense to KL FM fans but sungguh tak cool. Husband said KL FM has the best traffic info. But who need traffic info on our way back when it's ok to go slow pun. It's not as if pagi pagi have to rush to the office to beat the thumb print machine. Hihi.

Eh I meant to ramble about last night's Pop rock semi final. So now that we know the complete finalist for the Juara Lagu who do you root for? I of course am rooting for Meet Uncle Hussein's Laguku Untukmu! The I-don't-love-you-anymore anthem is therapeutic and their performance really rocks! But I have a few random thoughts regarding this Pop Rock semi final nite:

1. Does Elyana need to squat like that? I love Kalis Rindu but I thought her performance was so-so and she performed the whole thing while sitting down on the floor and amazingly she also wear those damn shoes! And I honestly I thought her song was selected for the final based on the lyrics alone. Hehe.

2. What's with the longer than life eyelash for the Fabulous Cat female singer? "Woi bulu mata dia macam bulu mata unta la!" my sister shouted. Victims of fashion and I was just wondering how can she managed to open her eyes during the whole song and the whole night? Luckily did not qualify for the final or God knows what kind of bulu mata will she wear (ya Allah kejamnya ayat2ku ini, but honest opinion counts, people! Haha)

3. Have anybody really seen Bandi Amuk without the topeng?

4. The drummer guy from Estranged is...hensemnya!

5. And instead of Sofaz, why don't the jury choose Spider instead! I know Tam Spider looked like he just got back from pasar malam and then rushed to perform at the semis (perumpamaan sahaja ya) but the I love the guy's' voice and Sofaz...suara tak macam kat radio pun..apalah!

6. Lastly, what's the motive of Ziana Zain qualifying for the final using some sort of wild card qualification? It's weird and I thought it was kind of awkward that they are announcing it during the pop rock category nite. Well actually I was hoping that the instead of Balada, someone/some band from the pop rock category will qualify instead! (Spider lah tu..dah tau dah! Haha)

Sorry for not having any pic but if you did not manage to catch the show, maybe you can go to TV3 website or even YouTube?

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Pink Mama said...

I thought my eyes were wrong, what seems like shoes on Ellyana's feet :) Agaknya her shoeless act were getting old

achee_b165 said...

Tam spider tu mmg nmpk cm selebet sgt la last nite, pe kes dia pakai cmtuh..agaknya tol la kot bru rush dr pasar malam..heheh!! klu pakai ensem skit tuh sure leh dpt tu....huhuh

~p-na mama oja~

okinokiyo said...

i think AJL ni mmg tak pilih suara best kot.I pun suka spider, fiq, hattan tapi xmasuk.hampanye..sofaz tu tak best pun.tpi tiap2 thn dpt masuk.menci tul tgk.haha

nasib flavor tu xmasuk..husband i ckp ni pehal peponn nak nyanyi2 ni..hahaha

estranged mmg best kan.drummer dia ex drummer latte@8 kat 8tv dulu..I loikkke..

i pun tak paham nape nak masukkan ziana zain.sebab dia veteran kottttt

miSs inTerpReted said...

hallo!! this if my first time commenting here. i have seen bandi amuk without the topeng!!! hikhikhik. he looks like any other normal person altho i must admit that i was quite nervous and takut nak jumpa dia the first time. haha

:iBuAfiQah: said...

betul la intan..
camnerr elyana tu leh masuk AJL even dia just duk bersimpuh...
dah la baju gothic!cam ngeri jerr...hahaha

yeah..kalu sofaz n spider..ske lg spider..

n mmg betul pun..
pemain drum kump.estranged tu mmg hensem..hik hik

n ske lagu dr band meet uncle hussein..

Nani Aling said...

salam perkenalan...

iya, saya orang sabah. terima kasih kerana sudi melawat blog saya.

oliole said...

super mummy,
this is my new link

penyanyi fabulous cat berbulu mata panjang said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
penyanyi fabulous cat berbulu mata panjang said...

supermummy, saya adalah pembaca setia blog ini.. tetapi selepas awak mengutuk saya, saya akan memboikot blog ini.. saya sedih and kecewa! selamat tinggal

aku tak tau kenapa.. tapi bila AJL je mcm wajib tengok walaupun aku and family takde ikut sangat perkembangan music tanah air..


Jade said...

hahah..dulu2 i dh tgk Bandi - Amuk w/out topeng... heheh...sbb die jiran my nenek.. N actually Bandi Amuk adalah penyanyi asal kumpulan Febians (dulu2 punya group).. hehehe

Zanna_MamaBatrice said...

congrate to Meet Uncle Hussin
now byk sgt citer yg x best about d vokalis dia tu

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