Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Running around at Taman KLCC while chasing Husayn

The last time I went to Taman KLCC, I was a practical student and Husband (who was not even my boyfriend at the time!) was supposed to supervise the practical students. We went for shooting (me, Husband and two of my friends who were also doing our practical) at the park and if somebody told me that 6 years later I would be going to the park again with Husband and our kid I would have laughed that to their face.

Anyway I got so restless spending the holiday staying at home that I begged Husband to go somewhere, it doesn't matter whether it is near or far as long as I got to get out of the house. And so we went to Taman KLCC and Husayn loveee it there! I spent most of the time chasing after him that I felt as if I am the one who played at the playground.
This cheeky little boy even have the guts to nearly cakar other kids at the playground! Luckily I managed to tangkap his hands and we cabut as soon as we can. Haha.

Mama's boy went across the bridge alone!

After playing at the park, we went inside KLCC and while waiting for Husband did his Asar prayer, we played at the kereta mainan near toys r us. What really irritate me was while Husayn was playing inside the car, there was this little girl coming along, wanting to play too and keep climbing beside the car. And then her mother/granny came along and she did not even bother to pick up the little girl! My little Husayn of course retaliated back and cakar this little girl's face since the girl kept pushing him and wanting to climb inside the car too. I don't blame the little girl since she's a little kid and of course she's being kids, but the girl's mother/granny should at least take care of her and did not let her to kacau other people like that. It pissed me off and at last I took Husayn off from the kereta mainan and we went to the baby room instead to feed him.

The girl is on the right! Hoho

Next on the list maybe Taman Burung, KL and Zoo Negara. I just realised that I have 'neglected' places of interest that is around the corner and prefer outside KL instead. But I guess now is the time to make up for it!

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mamafaiz said...

my son pun suka pegi situ..hehe..sampai kadang2 tu x larat samapi bohong sunat kata playground tu da tutup..I pun xleh duk umah cuti2 ni..mereng kepala..sbb da biasa kejekan..hari2 mesti kuar walaupun hanya car ride..hehe

achee_b165 said...

i penah kena marah ngn pak guard kt c2 coz i yg naik buaian bkn bby..tetiba je dgr org tiup wisel...kakakaka!! tu la..sama le i pn jenis x leh dok umah...

~P-na mama oja~

idajer said...

bestnyer!jalan2! dah lama tak p klcc nehh. last time pegi tgk byk indon je melepak kat tmn tuh...

AQisH said...

happy new year to u..seemed u had a wonderful time outing with yr kid..he's cute!

eedany said...

Selamat Tahun Baru 2009.

Goodbye 2008...Welcome 2009.


Tok Li said...

Salam Maal Hijrah 1430H & Tahun Baru 2009

supermummy said...

mama faiz
haha betol..car ride pon jadilah..

hahah..samala! i pon kena prit prit jguak ngan mak gad sbb i pegi lalu area pool tu sambil pakai kasut..hahah

haha..eh tapi time saya pegi takde pulak nampak indon..walaupon tu hari cuti

thank u! ya betul cute tapi bila menjerit..isk..pening pening

selamat tahun baru utk eedany juga!

tok li
salam maal hijrah dan selamat tahun baru juga!

The Zonan Factor said...

hi...interesting blog u have. same thing..kena tiup wisel ngn MAK guard coz naik buai..dolu dolu laaa..hahaha

Zanna_MamaBatrice said...

seronok ler husayn main lari2 kat situ kan...larat x larat ler u nak kejar intan.........

yg penting...kita pun happy tengok anak happy

Zanna_MamaBatrice said...

bebudak kalu jumpa playground mmg lupa jalan balik
cam mama depa ler jumpa shopping complex kan

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