Friday, December 12, 2008

The road to Taiping...we dropped by Kuala Kangsar first!

Before we set our foot at Taiping we went to Kuala Kangsar first. Well even though Husband has a few relatives in Kuala Kangsar, he has never really brought me to the town of Kuala Kangsar itself! So after we finished visiting his relatives around the area, off we went to Kuala Kangsar, the famous Bandar Diraja!

We were greeted by this huge pintu gerbang as soon as we enter Kuala Kangsar. The town is so clean, well maybe due to its Royal Town status. And you can see the military jet pejuang and kereta kebal gracing the town. Is there any reason for this? I honestly don't know, but it makes good pics though!

The kereta kebal by the river
The jet pejuang by the roadside

Unfortunately Husayn was fast asleep during our 'rendezvous' in Kuala Kangsar since I believe he will be truly excited looking at those kereta kebal and jet pejuang. Haha.
Mama's boy sleeping peacefully and missing all the fun!

We also made a stop at Masjid Ubudiah which is famously known as one of the most beautiful mosque in Malaysia but we stayed in the car since Husayn is sleeping.
Masjid UbudiahJangan lawat masjid je ya..solat jangan lupa! Hehe..

The road at Kuala Kangsar is so clean I feel like I can lie down on the road without worrying any dust! The place is also so serene and peaceful and well taken care of. Even the nearby sungai look squeaky clean! I mean how hard it is to find a clean river in Malaysia?
The road near the Istana Iskandariah
The entrance (or issit exit) for Istana Iskandariah. View from the back of the car.
The above picture is the Perak Royal Museum which is right across the Istana Iskandariah. This place used to be the old istana but they have turned it into museum. Anyway since I arrived here on Hari Raya Haji which was also public holiday, the place is closed. So we only took some pic from the outside. See that man in black sleeveless shirt? Right after this photo was taken he actually tergolek in front of the museum and his hand was scratched. I don't know whether to kesian or to laugh..haha..Seeing a tall mat salleh tergolek in front of the museum is certainly not a sight that you can see everyday. So I just seize the moment. Hehe.

Of course a visit to Kuala Kangsar will not be complete without visiting the Malay College Kuala Kangsar or famously known as MCKK. Some of the country's most famous was schooled here and that include the most famous of them all - Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim! Mind you this is on the basis that all I saw is his name hogging the media these days.
If you are wondering whether there is any supermarket/shopping mall in Kuala Kangsar, they have The Store here and Kedai Sakan! I saw a few branches of Kedai Sakan here and I thought what a name! Marilah berborong sakan, ya!
One of the Kedai Sakan
Anyway our jalan-jalan in Kuala Kangsar was cut short due to Husband's urgent need to go to toilet. And since it is public holiday, most of the public toilets here were also closed! Kuala Kangsar, you need to improve on the toilet thing! And all along I thought this little town is near perfect! Anyway toilet aside, do come by here. The quaintness and the atmosphere will surely get to you!

Oh I so love jalan-jalan! So whoever want to sponsor me and my family jalan-jalan please do so! I will accept it with open heart! Haha..

p/s1: Mommy Lily and OliOle have left comments that their blog in blogspot have been removed! Alahai kesiannya. So what should us on blogspot do? Can we do a backup of our blog in wordpress for safety? Might do migration of this blog from blogspot to wordpress for safety reason and as a precaution.

p/s2: I just read Mommy Lina story yesterday and I cried. May Allah give her and her family the strength that they need. Semoga segalanya dipermudahkan.Amin!

p/s3: I will announce the winners for the Gin & Jacqie bag at approximately 12pm today! So hold on to your shoes and see if your names are up!

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precious innocent said...

ho... u p kuala kangsar ke???

ada try x mkn kat kedai nyonya nie?? alamak.. lupa lak nama kedai tu.. tp sedap giler mmg x ingat... huh.. meleleh pulak ttiba teringat ayam masak lemon dia.. murah lak tu...

then, ada 1 kedai bwh bajet hotel (kot). nasi lemak hainam dia, pergh!!! mjilat pinggan!!!!

-mama emma-

aFkaR'z said...

for p/s1: boleh pergi kat blog saya, check it out macamana nak back up entries & all the comments...

p/s3: i will wait! i will wait... may god bless me to win this!!

afiq said...

nk krim manik la kt taiping leh x kihkihkihkih

pizli_mw said...

aku yg lahir kat perak ni pun belum pernah sampai sana intan.. kesian tak? hehe

achee_b165 said...

siapakah mamat bertopi keledar itu..glemar jap..hehe!!

tu ar penah tgk rncangn percutian buget pe tah kt rtm..dia ckp gak kedai yg mama emma ckp tu...

~p-na mama oja~

Arin said...

dari KK, u should singgah kejap makan kat kuala sepetang..mkn mee udang..before heading to taiping..kat taping..wktu pagi..try gie wkaf selera..sedpa nye meehoon daging dia..ternampak2 meehoon sup dia..

supermummy said...

ala tak sempat nak singgah kedai makan pon sbb masa tu baru lepas makan spagetti daging kerbau tu..haha

ya saya sudah baca pasal backup tu..thanks for sharing ya! dan results sudah keluar..

kat taiping ada manik apa ya? tatau pulak saya..hehe..bole je nak kirim tapi kena tunggu next time saya balik taiping la..haha

apa la yob..kata org perak..hahah

haha tu la..mamat topi keledar termasuk dalam gambar lak..

ooo ya ke..nnt bole dibuat lagi bila balik ke taiping..hahah..

Zanna_MamaBatrice said...

every where i go
i mesti nak tengok masjid
cantik masjid ubudiah tu

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