Monday, December 22, 2008

The make my pimples disappear project

Hi, that was my face 2 minutes ago. See that eye bags? No I was not crying or anything, my eyes are just naturally built that way..haha..And did you see the pimple scar on my right side of face? That is what I am trying to get rid of right now. Honestly I'm not a really make-uppy person. All I usually do every morning is slap some moisturiser on my face with some loose powder and maybe a concealer or two for that ugly area and then some blusher and finally a dash of lipstick and I am good to go! Or else if my skin has better days, I will only put some moisturizer and lipstick and I just dash off.

Back to the pimple story, it happened a month ago, and it was actually 3 huge pimples the size of China on top each other! My hormones must be running crazy! The first week I took it easy and just relax and hoping it will fade away, but on a trip to Semua House, I ended up going to this kedai Jamu Afrina intending to buy the Krim Kunyit Tia Amelia which is said can make pimple and the scars disappear. But the sales girl somehow made me part with my RM76 and I ended up with this weird sounding products that I don't know why the heck did I buy that for. And the products did not even work! So watch out ya if you go to this Kedai Jamu shop, they will promote you their products and pandai-pandai will kutuk other products in their shop.

Anyway I finally managed to buy the Tia Amelia Kunyit Cream (yes I know it sounds disgusting but it works on my skin! ) and the cream coupled with my Olay Total Effects Cleanser and Cream are working super hard to erase the stoopid pimple scar from my face.

Well at least I really hope it will look better before I attend the Malaysian Dreamgirl thing in January where I am supposed to blog about. I cannot imagine my face resembling the surface of the moon when I am suppose to come face to face with Elaine Daly and hundreds of gorgeous girls! So pimples, please please disappear.

p/s: I still have not post the Gin & Jacqie bags to the two winners! Sooo sorry for the delay. I promise it will be this week!

6 superstars:

DYLA said...

sy pun mmg jenis ada eye bag. tak leh buat apa dah...

Ida said...

Salam dear,

Just want to share with u, apa kata kalu u try my step plak...sbb dulu2 pun I mcm u gak tp mmg kita org pompuan nih kena terlebih rajin utk semua itukan....

so selamat mencuba...

atty's said...

kena cukup tido je kot..

Nurmala said...

kita punya mata pon mmg cam tu.. banyak dah org tegur.. cukup tido ke, tak cukup ke mmg la hitam kak..wakakaka

supermummy said...

haha..tu la..rasa2nya ada tak krim2 ke boleh membantu..haha

eh dah pegi dah kat link tu..hebatla..tapi manyakkknya benda nak kena pakai yek..(ayat org malas( haha..

aiyoo..dah terlebih tido dah ni..haha

haha tu la pasal..nampak gaya kenala pegi kelas makeup mcm mala..kehkeh..nak hide eyebag punya pasal..

Zanna_MamaBatrice said...

mmg tension kan kalu keluar
selalu kalu nak period tu..
lagi seminggu sure menjelma dia kasi peringatan

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