Monday, December 29, 2008

Ma'al Hijrah and some trivial thoughts

Salam Maal Hijrah to all Muslim Readers!

To non-Muslims who are reading this, Maal Hijrah is actually Muslim's New Year and today all Muslims celebrated Maal Hijrah, but I guess I'm quite sad reading about the bombing in Palestine. We in Malaysia are celebrating Maal Hijrah with peace and we even have a Tokoh Maal Hijrah here, but our Muslim brothers and sisters in Palestine are suffering. I pray that Allah will give them strength in this toughest of times.

Some thoughts that I have as a Muslim:
1. I am disappointed because when talking about the Hukum Hudud people will become scared and keep saying about the potong tangan thing. Does this people really know what is Hudud all about?

2. I used to despise a friend of mine who did not wear tudung and when we went out with her other friends, her other friends will look down on me because I wear tudung and call me ustazah.

3. Malaysia need more bands composing and singing nice Islamic and ketuhanan songs like just like those Indonesians did with Ungu and Gigi and honestly I think it will appeal more to the masses more than the nasyid songs.

4. I feel guilty for not paying Zakat Pendapatan, not even once in my life!I pledged to do it this year before 31 December. And to think that you can get full rebate in your tax for paying Zakat Pendapatan! I just did my calculations in here. Next year I hope to do a monthly potongan gaji. No wonder I always felt that my gaji is not enough!

5. My heart soared everytime I saw Ka'abah on tv. I have been fortunate to go for Umrah once before, and I thought nothing looked more astounding and beautiful in my life than the sight of Ka'abah. And to see it life before your own eyes is even more extraordinary. I hope one day I will have enough rezeki to do my umrah again, and insya-Allah Haji.

6. And I thought Hollywood is not helping by stereotyping Muslims as terrorist, just like the media and the rest of the world did. But then they are Hollywood, what do I expect? Not all men who are bearded and have their first name Mohammed is a terrorist you know. Wait..that sounds like my Husband! Haha..Anyway one of my aunt kept calling my Husband Taliban because he has beards all over. Hahaha.

Happy holiday again and again to all. I will be on leave from the office this whole week and I think I am just going to stay at home and practice being a stay at home mom. Not that I will become one though. But it's good to be a stay at home mom once in a while, even if it's just for one week! I honestly believe staying at home with Husayn will be more tiring than going to work! Stay-at-home mom have all my respects in the world because not many woman can do that job!

4 superstars:

achee_b165 said...

salam Ma'al Hijrah utk supermummy too..
hope akn mmbawa perubahan ke arah kebaikan utk kita sumer!

~p-na mama oja~

supermummy said...

salam ma'al hijrah utk pna jugak!

Zanna_MamaBatrice said...

sometimes kita lupa pada diri sendiri........

sama2 lah kita berubah utk kebaikan diri kita

Zanna_MamaBatrice said...

sama2 kita hijrah ke arah kebaikan yerk

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