Friday, December 26, 2008

Going to the office when most of us are not going but I can google for Edward Cullen freely without anybody knowing!

The office is nearly empty today but I am the unlucky one to be in the office. Well, not exactly since it is obviously my choice and anyway next week I am going for a week long leave! Not going anywhere but maybe laze around the house and settle a few things.

Let's go terbang-terbang with the vampire!

And last night I have managed to catch the much said Twilight. I have read a few blogs drooling over Robert Pattinson who plays Edward Cullen, and I guess they all do have reasons to drool! As for the movie, the plot was simple but love is made complicated because Edward is a vampire. After watching the movie I said to husband, "Kenapa awak tak romantik macam Edward ni?"..And guess what he replied.."Isk..buat apa?" Husband's typical answers.

Watching Twilight somehow made me reminisce about my teenage years. Mine was full of teenage angst, slamming doors (at parents of, I must sound really horrible!), loud music (I lurveee Korn and Limp Bizkit, not to mention Weezer and I have quite a collection of cassettes back then!), trying to fit in at school since our family move a lot, the unforgettable cinta monyet and then liking someone else and not telling anybody about it, that kenapalah-aku-tak-cantik-macam-dia feeling...oh it was all sometimes twisted and complicated. I thought my mother was having quite a time handling me and my teenage angst and I honestly will go pening myself if ever Husayn do follow suit and I really hope not!

If you still have not watched Twilight, I'd say go watch it now and immerse yourself in the undying love of Bella and Edward. the way did you realise that every Christmas, Astro will re-run the Home Alone 1,2 and 3 movies? But I still get laughing stitches everytime I watched Macaulay Culkin and the two bandits in the first two Home Alone movies. As for Home Alone 3, the kid is not as cute as Macaulay Culkin so I watched a little bit only-lah then change channels. Hohoho.
The cute as a button Macaulay Culkin!

Happy working to anybody who is rajin enough to go to the office today and happy holiday to those who are still lounging in beds at this hour! Seriously, I envy you. Hehe.

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alamaya said...

twillight tuu hero dier handsome eh...hihi..tapi belum berpeluang lagi nak tgk..kene carik cd ni....

Azman Ramlie said...

biasa biasa je aku rasa cerita twilighht lagi cerita body of lies....

weih ko ckp nak add aku kat gtalk..xde pun. poyo gila lu minah

supermummy said...

cepat2 cari dvd..8 ringgit je..kehkeh..boleh tgk beratus2 kali pon takper

azman ramlie
oh aku tak tgk lagi body of lies. ada leonardo dicaprio kan..hoho..wey gtalk aku ni problem sikit..kau kena add aku baru bole sbb aku guna gtalk yg dalam gmail tu ha..kan aku dah cakap ari tu..eiii..jd silala add aku ya

achee_b165 said...

ensem sungguh heronya...suka mak! nk kena cari nie..mintak tolong hubby download jer la..dia mmg suke bab2 download mendownload nih..heh!!

~p-na mama oja~

the elf said...

Edward=Rob=to.die.for kan? hahah. but i prefer the books la. tapi skang bila buku boleh la imagine the intense gaze, protective arms, the crooked smile semua. hihihi.. and oh! i am also a sucker for Home alone movies! boleh tengok berkali2. i like the 1st and 2nd.

Lily said...

isn't Rob Pattinson dreamy? I am googling him the whole day in the office today as well. Having a crush on him just like a silly teenager!

supermummy said...

cepat2 download! mmg sangat2 di rekomen! haha

aah org sama i baru beli the books! tapi yg 3 and 4..yang first 2 tu dah habis plak kat kinokuniya..takpela..nnt nak beli jugak! haha

betol!! and to think i don't even know that he existed before..haha..been watching twilight more than 5 times!

Zanna_MamaBatrice said...

hu hu hu
x seronok kan bila org lain cuti
kita kena masuk opis plak
hu hu hu

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