Thursday, December 11, 2008

From Taiping with love

Hi I'm back again!
So what did you do during Raya Haji? I of course went back to Taiping and it has been quite a journey, not to mention an interesting one too. But before we went off to Taiping, we went to Ipoh first where my sister in law and her family are and stayed at her house for two nights. And little Husayn ran riot there and menunjukkan his taring kot since he kept biting and pinching his cousin who are 4 months older than him.

If anybody have any idea how to stop your child from pinching and biting other people do share with me. I am certainly out of idea! Haha..Kesian lah the cousin kept crying everytime Husayn dera him. But then he's so fast and cekap I tell you..I just turned around for a second and there he was cubit his cousin lagi! Adoi..

And the cousin in question is in white shirt in the above pic by the way. Husayn's cousin turned 2 on Raya Haji so Happy Birthday to little Faris Amir! Ampunkan mak ngah ya since I am apparently not fast enough to catch Husayn's hands or stop his mouth from biting you.. Hihi..

This is my new red shoes for jalan2 during the weekend and for non-office days. I love 'em flat and comfy! Anyway the previous one was also a flat peep toe shoes and it nearly koyak since I kept using that one. Suka tak the buckle on the shoes? I totally love it! In fact that's what got me buying the shoes on the first place! It's no Manolo or Jimmy Choo, eh tapi saya sangat suka sama this shoes!
And that was me with Husayn on our way to beraya @ Kuala Kangsar. It was also my first time tasting the daging kerbau! And they made the daging kerbau into spaghetti! And I actually cannot differentiate between daging kerbau and lembu..since I thought it tasted more or less the same..It was day full of makan-makan and I was so full, but still at night we bought nasi jugak as soon as we reach taiping..And so there goes my diet plan!

This is the first house that we went and Husayn kept wanting to play outside just because he wanted to kejar some ayam!

And that house is actually located besides the sawah too! Lovely place! They even have this swing under a tree, just like Bawang Putih Bawang Merah where the girl sing buai laju aku nak kahwin dengan anak raja..haha. If you are wondering whether that is my baju raya, yes I guess it is. I did not bring any baju kurung so I just wore those with jeans. It's a good excuse to wear those with my red shoes and Gin & Jacqie bag!

Oh I don't know why I put the above ISA place. Since we are at Taiping, we are actually very near Kamunting, which is the ISA people! So bloggers jaga-jaga ya, apparently the powers that be sometimes love sending bloggers to this place. Hihi. And I just also know that my father's housemate when he was in the university was also in ISA. Oh wow. By the way my brother in law also work here. Tapi takpelah tak masuk pun in here, I'd rather pass by je pun. Haha..takutlah pulak.

Anyway I just found that I am officially one of Malaysian Dreamgirl blogger! I went totally berbunga bunga reading the I guess you'll be reading Malaysian Dreamgirl post soon! Keep on reading ya...

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Jard The Great said...

wow! congratulations on being the official dreamgirl blog.. hehe..

(ps: diet??? no need la =p)

Nurmala said...

oo..akak org taiping ek??
kak, cantik la kasut merah yg jeles ni..nak beli jugak!!

supermummy said...

jard the great
haha terima kasih..takyah diet ke? u should see my tummy ngan thigh..mesti pening..haha

eh bukan..kita kg kat batu pahat..taiping tu kg husband..hehe

Zanna_MamaBatrice said...

i love green apple color tu

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