Thursday, December 4, 2008

Let's go away for a while. You and I. To a strange and distant land. To stay on a holiday. Faraway.Let's go today!

2008 is coming to its end and what a year it was! I started my job as civil servant, Husayn has walked and turned 1, a few death-some expected some unexpected, it is certainly a year full of ups and downs. Anyway where have you been this year? I've been to a few places, some for work and some for holidays. Here are my list..what's yours?

1. Zoo Taiping
Husband is orang Taiping, so naturally of course I really want to go to Zoo Taiping. But again naturally Husband usually sleep his life away everytime we went back to Taiping, but on one fine day, I managed to drag him to Zoo Taiping. It was sometimes during Chinese New Year earlier this year and of course Husayn kept bulat bulatkan his already super round eyes and look so jakun. It was Husayn's first experience at the zoo after all. Watch out for the monyet bontot merah at below pic background!

2. Teluk Cempedak, Kuantan
The first time Husayn went to beach he went to Teluk Cempedak! Gorgeous place, happening joints and not to mention a lot of mat rempit during the weekend night too! We went to Kuantan for my friend's wedding and stayeed at Vistana. The hotel is quite near Teluk Cempedak so we went Teluk Cempedak twice when we were there, once during night and once during the day. Great place to lepak lepak and eat keropok lekor too!
Eh I just realised that Husayn's shirt at Kuantan is the same like the one in Zoo Taiping!

3. Bukit Tinggi, Pahang
I went to this place twice for courses this year. The first one was in March and it was the first time I was ever away from Husayn. I dragged my pumping equipment along since I was still collecting milk at the time and pumped away early in the morning and before I slept. Honestly, you won't miss a thing if you don't spend a night at this place. I mean there's nothing spectacular, well except for the afternoon and night show. Sungguh kagum melihat all the drags menari!

4. Genting Highlands
We celebrated Husayn's first year by going to Genting Highlands. It wasa day trip and it was really fun! Husayn still cannot walk at the time but that was certainly not an excuse to not play anything. He enjoy a few rides here and there and he kept shouting excitedly. I plan to go Genting again next year and spend the night there..Pasti lebih syiok!
5. Kem BTN Gunung Pulai, Kulai, Johor
I mentioned this one in my previous entry and truth to be told I don't like this one a little bit. The brainwashing was too much and it was even worse since my group was an all Malay group. I don't know if anybody else suffered like this but my other friends who went to other BTN camps said they really enjoyed it. Then mine must be the worse..haha. I mean I know I am a civil servant but don't brainwash us as if we don't know anything and we cannot think for ourselves. And I don't like that this people think that country is above religion. As for me, religion is my number one priority and country is number 2. I certainly rather have no country than no religion. It was weird since I usualy enjoyed all the courses that I attended even though I have to be away from Husayn for a few days, but this one I certainly beg to differ.

6. Sabah
It was the trip that I've waited for months! A few months back I booked Air Asia tickets for a mere RM340 for 2 adults and 1 baby. And the trip was really wonderful! From being panicked seeing Husayn cried at Pasar Filipina, to marvelling at the wonder that is Gunung Kinabalu and being gayat while walking along the Jambatan Tamparuli and having to 'climb' Banjaran Crocker on our way to Keningau at 9pm since the van cannot climb with our lebihan was an experience that I don't mind doing again! Read about it here.

Well I guess that was it. As for 2009 travel plans, we haven't plan anything yet, but probably even if we go it will be somewhere that will not cost a bomb, or does not need an airplane to go there since 2009 is going to be my getting rid of debt year! As for upcoming course for next year, we have been told that next year's courses are all going to be either at the office or around KL only due to the cost cutting thing. Oh well, hopefully everything will go accordingly, and we all will live happily ever after ya!

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:iBuAfiQah: said...

kak intan g kuantan xmakan ikan bakar ker?

kalu dtg kuantan lagi pegi la makan ikan bakar pulak yerr...

Jard The Great said...

waaa..bercuti sakan nmpk.. hehe

:iBuAfiQah: said...

ingat nak bercuti jugak la sblm abih tahun 2008 nie...

Nurmala said...

wah...cuti2 malaysia nampak nya kak??

wanie said...

best bercuti2 ni...cuti sakan la ye

pizli_mw said...

2009 bolehla kak intan plan datang ke rumah saya.. tidur satu malam, tngk anak² kita boleh berkawan ke tidak.. rumah saya pun dah lama takde tetamu datang..

maybe kalau ada match bola dekat bukit jalil, senang saya and husband kak intan pergi stadium sementara kak intan and wife saya bergossip di rumah saya..

DYLA said...

seronoknya whole family jalan2 byk tempat

lina said...

wah bestnya cuti-cuti Malaysia. Bagus juga train anak dari awal jenjalan, ek? :D

Baca ur interview dgn Malay Mail today. :)

Yatie said...

yang... kalu I pi kuantan mesti pi TC and tanjung lumpur mkn ikan bakar and offcourse tidor kat cherating. love kuantan

never been to zoo taiping. best ke??


supermummy said...

aah atk gi makan ikan bakar pon..kat belah mana ikan bakar tu?

jard the great
haha..ala bawak si kenit tu jalan2..haha

jom2 cuti2..cuti2 malaysia pon jadila..haha

haha..cuti2 malaysia je la..nak ke luar malaysia tunggula satu hari nnanti..hihi

wanie sbb bawak anak jalan2..suka tgk reaction dia pegi tempat baru

yang kau ni panggil aku kak apa ke halnya yob? ahaha

ala tempat dekat2 je..

haha..maknya suka jalan..anaknya pon suka saya tak baca pon lg interview dah suruh husband beli siap2..kehkeh

tu la..tahun ni ofis ada company trip gi yg tak bestnya kena bayar duit hotel sendiri..malas la nak gi camtu..nak kena baya sendiri duit minyak lagi..dia tanggung makan zoo taiping ada night safari! haha

Zuhaini said...

wah.. banyak nya tempat Husayn dah sampai.. hehe.. :)

buat la satu list for 2009 pula! :) hihi..

Arin said...

kalau balik taiping, i love to eat meehoon sup daging kat selera wakaf ..phewwww..marbeles..
p/s: lama nye tak blk taiping.. :(

Zanna_MamaBatrice said...

we need a rest
to prepared our mind
hu hu hu

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