Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Yay for Nuffnang!

Remember my Friso Nuffnang post? I just received an email from Nuffnang yesterday and our family has been selected to attend the event! I am so excited and have been begging Husband to go for the event and he agreed though reluctantly. Oh well, it doesn't matter as long as I get to go to the event anyway. Heheh. Since I started this blog a few months ago I have never met any blogger and it would be great to meet fellow bloggers at the Nuffnang Friso gathering. So if any of you are also going do buzz me, at least I know there are other people also going for that event! And I have not been to Kidzsport OU where the event will be held. Sure I've been to OU millions of times but I have never been to Kidsport. Where exactly is the place anyway? And which floor and is it in the old wing or new wing?

Oh yes I forgot to mention that Nuffnang also has been so generous and let us invite one guest family to attend the event. So if you would like to come do email me at so I can submit your name to Nuffnang! Please bear in mind though the offer is for only one family and I guess the first one who emailed me will get that offer.So hurry hurry!

Nuffnang email..if u are interested do email me ya!

Anyway last Saturday me, Husband and Husayn went to Ikano after visiting Husband's uncle at Damansara Specialist. And Husayn had his first cabbie ride! It was really fun and Husayn love it! Yes it was the Saturday after Husayn's fall from the bed. The cabbie ride did help for non-stroller parents like me and Husband. Haha. I think we only used Husayn's stoller thrice since he was born! By the way Padini is having this clearance sale or something in the middle of Ikano and the items look quite okay, though I did not exactly browse through the items since there were lots of people last Saturday. Plus the lines to the cashier were miles long! But I think it might be okay to go on weekdays. If you are interested I think the sale will be on until this Friday. I saw a few nice shoes priced at RM20++!

Husayn on the cabbie ride @ Ikano!

Gambar curi2 @ Brands Outlet

On Monday I was on leave and managed to send Husayn for his 18 months jab and I also went to Gin & Jacqie office at Dataran ThreeTwo, PJ. What am I doing at Gin and Jacqie office? Well if you are interested to get a super lovely bag from Gin & Jacqie do keep an eye on this blog! Maybe you could be the owner of the lovely Gin & Jacqie bag that you have been eyeing in Supermummy upcoming contest!

at the Gin & Jacqie Office

Guess what is inside?

p/s: By the way I would like to thank all who have commented in my previous post. Husayn seems fine, in fact he seems fine the morning after his fall, playing with his toys and even chewing on people around him! But to be on the safe side, I'm going to send him for a scan, well just to be on the safe side right?

10 superstars:

Lian said...

I'm going so lets see if we can find each other in the crowd.

Nurmala said...

Isk…kalau time2 sales ni..mmg menyampah pergi time weekend..sbb nak kena queue kat cashier.. lagi2 kalau time dapat gaji, jgn la g tesco or whatsoever.. mmg kene queue panjang..hehehe

.K.I.T.E. .P.U.N.Y.A. said...


Supermummy ( SM) jumpa kat sana yek , KP also dah dapat invitation
email me nanti yr contact number..
Nanti blhlah kite callin' K

pizli_mw said...

intan.. jom chat kat facebook..

supermummy said...

hope to see u there too!

betul tu..kat bank pon sama..kdg sampai mesin tu pon rosak takde duit..haha

ok nnt i email my number..harap2 bole jumpa la kita ye! hehe

facebook aku ni pon mcm blok chatting..haha..tensen aku..aku dah try ari tu. wey takpon kau ada gtalk tak? aku rasa bole nak chat guna gtalk kat ofis ni..kalau ada add la

lin said...

ooh saye baru beli bag laptop tu..hhihi..i luv gin & jacqie so much!!..salam perkenalan..first time masuk sini..hehe sangat meriah!

wanie said...

bestnye dapat pegi friso family day out tu..

eZa said...

c u there... ;)

precious innocent said...

ala... nie ke ur gin & jacquie?? x nampak la babe...

-mama emma-

Zanna_MamaBatrice said...

sempat lagi curi2 snap gambar yerk
itulah blogger tegar...he he he

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