Thursday, November 13, 2008

Why the pening over baby names?

Heard the phrase "A rose by any other name would smell as sweet"? That was from Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet. But does Shakespeare really know how hard it is to name a baby? Hahah..of course all babies came into this world smelling sweet, in fact I kind of missed that baby sweet smell that Husayn used to have because at the moment he only smell of sweat and masam! And I really thought besides giving birth, the other hard part of having baby is naming the baby itself.

Husayn out of mama's womb

You see, I started contemplating baby names when Husayn was just 2 months inside my womb. At the time I was hoping for a baby girl so I kept searching for the perfect baby girl name that I could find. I remember settling for the name "Almira Nur Latifa". The Al infront because husband's name also came with the Al and basically Almira means princess in Arabic. As for Latifa, I really love that name since Sofea Jane has a character named Latifa in a Malay Movie (was it Cinta Kita? Really..cannot remember) aeons ago. And Latifa means petite in Arabic, so I thought the combination of that name will make the perfect baby name for me.But oh wait, Queen Latifa is not exactly petite,right? Oh sorry, that's another story altogether.

All sepet and berat at 3.6kg! But have somehow evolve into a big round eyes kid!

And then when I was pregnant at 3 months I finally know that the baby inside is not Almira, but a boy instead! So began my mad scrambling searching for the perfect baby boy name, which actually is really really tough. Tough because the name is either:
a) my relatives or husband's relatives name or
b) too many people has been using that name or
c) Husband hated the name that I have chosen or
d) I hated the name that Husband has chosen

In reality, it took months of browsing through books, Pa&Ma and surfing the internet to find that perfect baby boy name.I finally took a liking of Zarif which means elegant and witty but I ended up altering the spelling to Zharief. As for Husayn, actually I originally meant to do the spelling like this --> Hussein. But one fine day, when I was already 9 months into pregnancy, I saw the list of baby names in Pa&Ma with the spelling Husayn and I instantly love it! Husayn also means handsome and so finally we ended up up with Mohammed Husayn Zharief. Quite a long name, I husband's name did not even fit into Husayn's Tabung Haji Account book because of his mouthful name!

Some people thought that I gave my son a long mouthful name because my name is only one word with five letters, and some people claimed that husband's name sound's more modern than Husayn's name. But I guess what matter most is my husband and I really love it and to make it more worth it, we call him Husayn Zharief instead of short form. I mean why susah-susah thinking of a long mouthful name when you have to call him by short form? Haha.

At 1 1/2 months with big round eyes, after being shaved completely bald by me!

To any mommy-to-be who is reading this, good luck in choosing that perfect names!

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ladyell said...

hahah...ell suami isteri pn nk bg nama ank gaduh dulu...(gaduh2 manje je..)bkn ngan suami isteri je...sedare2 pn ikut brtikam lidah nih sbb nk bg kt bb baru last,combine kn je semua nama...tu pn satu lg hal..kene bising jgk..bila nama dh panjang,semua perli mcm nk satu ank je ke boleh nama kedua ketiga tu kasi kt ank yg seterusnye...biasalh..masih mude,nk ikut ckp sendiri je la gamaknye

Market Place said...

i'm 5 months preggie now and have been searching for the perfect baby girl's name since i was 2 months preggie.. don't have a clue what to name if the baby turns out to be a boy.. hehe!

Chuckiesd said...

maksud pada nama anak tu yang penting...jgn tersalah pilih...pilih yang yang maksudnyer baik2..ejaan pun mainkan peranan..takut bila ejaan dah lain..maksud pun dah lain...

Nurmala said...

saya ni belum kahwin..
tapi dah perasan2 dah nak taruk nama anak apa..
ntah ada rezeki ntah tidak kan??

Mak Su said...

pening jugak isu nak menamakan anak ni ya :)

~Eila @ Along~ said...

erm..lum beranak dah plan naka macam2..hehe

DYLA said...

dari bujang smpai dh kawen sy mmg berangankan nak letak nama bby gurl sy DHAMIRAH.

now dh jadi kenyataan dgn lahirnya inas dhamirah

precious innocent said...

i dulu punya la berangan nak buh kalau girl ada nama ayu, kalau boy putra...

tp dua2 hubby x suke...

last2 kuar boy, jd la mohamed raiyan iskandar... itu pun 2nd choice, 1st choice sudah diambil org.. he he...

-mama emma-

supermummy said...

saya dah tgk nama anak awak...glemer gitu! heheh..

market place
baby boy mmg pening sikit cari nama..hahah..good luck !

chuckiesd saya tuka ejaan sbb nak ikut sebutan yg arab tu

takpe..planning awal2 penting..nnt tak gaduh2 dah

mak su
pening dan menyebabkan pergaduhan rumahtangga..haha

haha..takpe..biar plan awal2!

wah..bestnya impian menjadi kenyataan la..heheh

haha..susahkan nak pilih nama..kena ada backup kalau tak dpt yg nak..haha

~~@lyci@~~ said...

salam supermummy..

alycia skrg pun tgh preggy..
and I dah decide dgn husband, kalau boy nama start dengan Adam.. kalau girl start dengan Aisya.. tak tau kenape suka nama start dgn huruf A .. fikir besok bila dah sekolah senang biar beratur kat depan skali hehe...

Zanna_MamaBatrice said...

ya betul tu
nak bagi nama anak pun really pening
bukan takat mama papa jer sibuk cari nama
atuk nenek
mak sedara pak sedara pun nak menyumbang jugak

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