Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Wedding makes Husayn go all restless (and sometimes his mummy too!)

Been to any weddings lately? I went one on Sunday, a relative of mine actually, though I honestly still kept getting confused how we are related. I've been so lousy with this relatives things because usually I have problems remembering them. It's okay if it is until the uncle, aunties or cousins part. It's just when that part stretch to second uncle, second cousins, yadda yadda that it gets confusing to me. Yes I have some problems with my brain if things get a little bit confusing..then I will start writing everything on paper to actually try to understand it.

Back to the wedding, it was actually at my kampung in Batu Pahat. I lovee going back to my kampung since well, since it's my kampung kot. But I have to go back to my husband's kampung @ Taiping during this upcoming Raya Haji. Anyway during the wedding I did not even managed to catch the pengantin since they came at 2.30pm.

It was so boring waiting for the pengantin to arrive that I decided to take photos of myself. I am using my sister's Sony Ericsson red hot Walkman phone to take this photo since I am thinking of buying a Sony Ericsson myself. Anyway if you were me, and you have budget less than RM1000, which 5megapixels camera phone would you buy? A Nokia N series or a Sony Ericsson K850i? Oh I am so torn! My heart says the K850i but the phone don't have Wifi so it's a little bit mcm tak best lah pulak.

And Husayn kept merengek because it was so hot. And Husband kept making up faces and smoking cigarettes to pass the time. But I guess that is the advantage of having a child. Don't follow this ya. But I admit that sometimes I just let Husayn cried (a little bit only ya) so we can go home earlier when it's getting bored. And look at the pics of Husayn with his hand on his nose. He will do that everytime he saw a lori sampah and shouted "cuk!" which literally means busuk. Clever boy! Haha. But the other day he hugged a baby at my babysitter's house and he laughed and put his hand on his nose while shouted "cuk!" too.

Oops, I forgot about the pengantin again. Anyway at last the pengantin arrived but I was not there since I already made my way to Cendol Madu at Parit Raja. Haha. But my sister was there so she took this pic. What's up with the pengapit lelaki anyway? I mean what's with the sunglasses inside the house. Haha. Whatever-lah, time to go! Toodles!
I'm so full with the nasi minyak, oranges, bubur candil (my favourite bubur!) and of course Cendol madu! Too bad too busy eating until no picture of the food. Heheh.

By the way do submit your entry for the Gin & Jacqie bag contest! You have until the end of the week to complete the task!

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The Faerykin said...

Hello, I think he doesn't wanna be recognised in case bloggers put up his pic online :)

intanjameel said...

hi there! sebenanrnya terpulang jugak kpd feature mana u nak pakai. Kalau more to nak pakai camera, elok SE sebab camera dia superb! I love SE phone cams. dah 2 model pakai, cukup memuaskan

supermummy said...

the faerykim
hahaha..poor him, hope he did not find his way here though!

tu la that's what my brother keep telling me..tp which model yg u pakai ?

Umie said...

Hey datang parit raja??? kampung sinikah??...i'm staying here..cendol madu tu mmg sedap..hehehe

supermummy said...

hi umie..aah kampungku di parit raja..eh tapi sebenarnya kat parit semarang..tapi maju la parit raja sekarang..dulu traffic light takde..sekarang jangankan traffic light..kfc pon dah ada..hebat..kehkeh..awak org parit raja ke?

Umie said...

kite org perak (bgn serai)..duk parit raja nie as hubby keje kat sini...hehehe..

tu le parit raja nie mmg cepat je membangun...maybe sbb dkt ngan Inst. pendidikan & kilang2...hehehe

Zanna_MamaBatrice said...

makan sampai lupa nak snap gambar yerk intan
bc pun dah tahu sure meriah kan makanannyer........

cantik kaler tema pengantin tu

precious innocent said...

'biru mata itamku...'

-mama ema-

Zanna_MamaBatrice said...

ha ha ha
pergi majlis kawen mmg penat
esp bila anak2 x reti duduk diam kan
ada jer kerja nak buat kita berkejaran ngan diaorg

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