Sunday, December 7, 2008

Selamat Hari Raya Aidiladha and Selamat Balik Kampung!

Hari Raya Haji will fall on this Monday and Husband, Husayn and I will spend our Hari Raya Haji at Perak. Husband is still unsure whether it will be spent at Ipoh (his sister's house) or at Taiping (which is his birthplace) but if you ask me I don't mind spending it both at Ipoh and Taiping since I love jalan-jalan so much..and so does Husayn! So what did I buy for Raya Haji? It's Malaysia Savings Sale (which is the equivalent like the usual sale but with different branding I guess) and I bought nothing for Husayn. I guess it came as a surprised to myself since I am usually the first to spend my money on him but I guess for this one I have to make exemption since I desperately need new pants, jeans and shoes, since all that I have are all worn out. Haha.

Yesterday (which is Friday) and government servants have 2 and half hour off for lunch time (which is from 12.15pm to 2.45pm). When I first worked here, I thought the looong Friday lunch time was quite unnecessary but I guess since we are already provided with that, why don't I make full use of it instead! Haha. And so my colleagues and I went to Sogo and I accidentally spent a few hundreds there! Haha. Well, I swear I need all the things that I bought anyway and it was no impulse buy! I really cannot afford impulse buying since I am on my way to my debt reduction plan, which is 0 balance in my credit card by March 2009! And since I was too lazy to beratur panjang to take out money, I nearly nearly used my credit card again when I suddenly remember that we can pay by using our Maybankcard (yes the ATM card!) at Sogo. Thank goodness' for that or if not bertambahla lagi hutang.

Anyway today we are going back to Perak but before that I have specially requested Husband to bring me to MPH One Utama. For what you ask? Remember the RM100 MPH voucher that I won? Well, i sure will spend it all today! And I thought RM100 was quite a small sum if you want to buy book (since books are so expensive these days!), come on Nuffnang next time please give us at least Rm500! Hehe..

Lastly, I want to wish all of you Selamat Hari Raya Aidiladha! Drive carefully if you are going back to your kampung and those who are going to be ber Hari raya in KL, don't be so sad. I'd say go and lawat your jiran or relatives instead! If they are not home then just go to Sogo where there will be lots of people lah! As for me I will be on leave until Wednesday but hopefully I will be back at KL by Tuesday!

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Mommy Lily said...

slmt hari raya ...makan daging byk2 ye :-)

oliole said...

selamat hari raya haji to super mummy a.k.a. intan

eZa said...

salam aidiladha to SP & family :)

reena said...

hamboi...shoppin' kat SOGO ke sis?? nape tak jumpe nih??? ekekekke

atty's said...

salam aidiladha..

lina said...

Selamat Hari Raya Korban. Shopping kat Sogo? Bestnya... lama tak ke sana, last sekali shopping utk Raya Puasa (eh! Takdelah lama. Hihihi)

supermummy said...

mommy lily
terima kasih mommy lily..anyway saya ada baca pasal what happen to mommy lily punya blog..alahai sedihnya!

selamat hari raya haji utk awak juga!

thank you eza..selamat hari raya haji utk awak juga ya!

haha..itu namanya shopping super express di waktu lunch hour..hahah..

salam aidiladha utk awak juga!

haha..suka pegi sogo especially kids punya area..haha

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