Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Saturday afternoon fun

My parents' house (aka our sanctuary too!) is really near to the Kelana Jaya LRT station. But me and Husband have never even once brought Husayn to go to the LRT station let alone the LRT. Everytime we passed by the LRT area this budak kecik will shout "Mama! Train!", while jumping up and down excitedly. And so on Saturday we decided to take a walk (which I have never done in ages!LOL) near the LRT area.

Husayn & abah

We passed by Marco's Pizza. I have never been to their outlet before though it is located very near to my house. Anyway is it halal? I saw most of the staff are Malays but did not see any halal logo so I had teeny weenie doubts about the halal thing.
Marco's Pizza

And Husband used to wait for me here when I used to work in Bukit Jalil. And it was during that bercinta time. And the LRt here really boost the price of the houses in this area. Can you believe my dad bought his house near this area for only RM80k++ in the 80s! But bear in mind during the 80s, this highway has not yet existed and it's all ladang getah here. Took more than 10 years for the area to be really developed.
the LDP and LRT
Husayn was excited at the LRT station. And he kept running here and there. So his mummy here had to layan him while he shouted (sekejap bas, sekejap train, sekejap lori) and ran in circles excitedly.
This budak kecik seems to develop deep fondness of vehicles expecially bus, lorry, bicycle and train

I waited and waited for the train to move but it did not move!

Husayn jakun sikit..haha

Since it was nearly 7pm, we ditched the plan to ride the LRT and went jalan-jalan inside the LRT station only. We dropped by Guardian (yes, there's a Guardian inside this station!) and I managed to buy a few things as Husayn was yelling so Husband will release him so he could run inside the shop freely.
And lookey what I found here! Olay Total Effects for only RM28.88! I actually bought this thing for RM36++ the day before at Guardian and somehow they made this promotion the day after! Oh well, not my rezeki I guess but they made this promotion during Saturday and yesterday only. Anyway after finished touring the LRT station, we went back and singgah to DVD shop which was situated near the LRT and bought this titles : Ironman, Narnia (the one with Prince caspian something) and What Happes In Vegas..anyway I just watched What Happens in Vegas last night..twice! Hillarious..heheh

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aFkaR'z said...

syok kan?

anak2 mmg suka explore banda baruuu

supermummy said...

aah suka tgk reaksi muka dia..kehkeh

precious innocent said...

i teringin sgt nak bwk ryan naik public transort, mcm bus ke... tp hubi i xmo... dia kata ramai rg... rntah ape2 a laki ku ituuu...

-mama emma-

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