Saturday, November 8, 2008

The rags-to-riches story, Nouveau riche way

Ever heard of the term Nouveau riche? In plain English that would be new rich or new money and usually used to describe rags-to-riches kind of person. I myself am a big fan of these Nouveau riche folklore. I mean who doesn't? It usually started with the not so lucky or childhood that is laden with poverty. And as these future Nouveau riche grew up, they not only learned the hard way which make they have this some kind of determination of steel, but they also have one vital thing in common which I think is also what every entrepreneurs out there should have:


I don't think without ambition or even lack of it, business will last longer and even the term Nouveau riche will even exist. Ambition is what make you stronger and keep hopes alive when everything is not so well. And these Nouveau riche actually dare to have ambition despite their background and they work really hard to achieve their ambition. Have you heard of Estee Lauder story?

Estee Lauder at work taken from Wikipedia

The famous Estee Lauder brands does not become famous overnight. It is not instant success, but the success of the brand today is due to the founder itself. Estee Lauder was the daughter of immigrants who lived above her father's hardware store. She started her little enterprise by selling skin cream created by her chemist uncle. And what's her secret to success? She simply outworked everyone in the cosmetics industry. According to Time magazine, she stalked the bosses of New York City department stores until she got some counter space at Saks Fifth Avenue in 1948. And once in that space, she utilized a personal selling approach that proved as potent as the promise of her skin regimens and perfumes.

Estee Lauder's Nouveau riche story is certainly amazing and inspiring, especially to women out there. With the internet as our major source of information these days which in turn creates millions of opportunities, you also can be a part of Nouveau riche entourage with the right attitude and maybe some luck!

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nasazfrog... said...

tapi brand tu kan kira branded jugak kan... luar negara punya kan.. :)

Nurmala said...

suka perfume estee lauder..hehe

precious innocent said...

will read about her later... la nie nak buat comment smp 200...huhu

-mama emma-

Zanna_MamaBatrice said...

i love their make up stuff..

Zanna_MamaBatrice said...

also d perfume

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