Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Of Husayn and spoon and treating your children nicely (so they won't grow up and hate you)

Husayn is a good boy so he feed mummy instead of his mummy feeding him. Haha. Well, actually he kept going to the kitchen and took all the spoons and mangkuk and play with it and then pretended to cook. I don't mind if he play with all those plastic one but I sure will have a heart attack when I saw him picking up the one that can broke into pieces!

I went to one course last year where the facilitator asked us to tell story related to family. One of my Senior Director also went to the course and he shared this interesting story. In the story he shared how he has watched this happen to one of his relatives. Let's say his relatives name is Mat. Mat has 4 children and since small he always love his 3 out of 4 children. The reason why he doesn't really love his fourth was because the kid was not so smart in class. His 3 other children were really smart and always excelled at school. Anyway they all grew up and the 3 smart ones went to university and ended up with high paying job. And the not so smart one still stay with Mat. One day (cea..macam cerita bed time stories la pulak..ahha) Mat fell sick.
And since Mat really menyampah at his fourth one, he kept asking for his 3 other smart children.The 3 smart ones came but only once, when all Mat really want is for them to sit beside his bed and took care of him. But after that one time, the other 3 kept sending their drivers should Mat want anything and that made Mat disappointed. While the not so smart one took care of Mat and bathed him and fed him.
After some time Mat just realised that his not so smart child has turned into his caretaker and really love and care about him even though he has been not treating him well over the years. And so Mat realised his mistakes and he thought "What have I done?". But then he is grateful that he still have one child to rely on..and so they live happily ever after la kot? Hehe
Anyway the lesson here is don't la membanding-banding love like this. Of course sometimes we can't help have our favourite child kan, tapi don't be like, ok mama sayang dia ni sebab dia pandai.. cantik...yang dia ni pulak mama tak sayang sebab tak pandai, selalu susahkan orang..Sometimes the pandai and the cantik will grow up and succeed in their life and they will move far away and too busy with their life to care about the parents. And that left the tak pandai one who is not so busy with their life to take care of the parents instead. You'll never know what will happen in the future kan..

I thought it was a good story and well, at least it made me learn something. As for Husayn, well at first he fed me with the spoon and then he actually hit me with the spoon pulak..eii

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pizli_mw said...

bagus cerita ni..

oliole said...

good story...
tak sangka husayn pun macam anak i suka main sudu, pinggan...selain main suap-suap, dia pun suka tiru gaya kita goreng goreng...

mimielola said...

Alamak, the story almost made me cry. It's a good one, though.

:iBuAfiQah: said...

kisah nie satu pengajaran bg suma ibu2..
pengajaran juga bagi saya bila anak2 semakin membeso nnti...xleh pilih kasih antara anak2..
thanx kak!

Nurmala said...

teladan bat para ibu..

supermummy said...

haha tak sangka kau pengomen pertama

tu la..budak2 ni apa org buat semua dia ikut je..kelaka jugak most of the time pening haha

mimielola least it taught us to treat our kids better kan..

ya sama-sama..isk panggil kak pulak..saya baru 27..ibuafiqah umur berapa? kang sebaya ke sebenarnye..haha

betol..tapi mala baru nak kahwin kan..nnt honeymoon puas2 ya sebelom hero atau heroin keluar..kehkeh

wanie said...

bagus cerita ni..peringatan untuk diri sendiri..tak leh pilih kasih...

bijak husayn suap kan mummy...

Jard The Great said...

hi supermommy!!!

stumbled upon ur blog and found it very interesting.. mind that we xchange links?

supermummy said...

husayn bijak menyuap dan juga mengetuk serta mencakar muka mama nya! hehe

jard the great
boleh..dah link urs pon..thanks for linking mine ya!

precious innocent said...

meula baca tu bsungguh la jugak.. ala2 tekun sambil perasaan insaf..

but towards d end of d story u buat lawak la pulak..


but, nice 1!!..

father i pun ada daughter kesygan.. my sis.. hu hu... kecik2 dulu jeles la.. la nie i'm cool with it.. keh keh

atty's said...

ekeke.this story all in one..sedih ade pengajaran pun ado.

Zanna_MamaBatrice said...

anak mmg kena tunjuk contoh terbaik
kalu tak, apa yg kita buat kat dia
dia akan buat kat kita plak...

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