Monday, November 10, 2008

Good luck for SPM, lil sis!

(l-r) Acik, Sabrina tukang kasut, me during Hari Raya

Today is SPM day and I want to wish my sister, Sabrina good luck for her SPM today! Sabrina is my youngest sister and youngest siblings and she is so lucky because the burden (courtesy of my beloved father of course) of sitting for big examination has been lifted by my other sisters and brothers! I was the first to go under the big scrutiny when I sat for that exam 10 years ago and since I was the first one in my family it was certainly not exactly an amazing experience.

You see I was this hopeful-cum-rebellious teenage daughter who did quite okay at school. My favourite subject would be English and History, my worst subject would be Add Maths, heck I even got 4/100 the first time I sat for Add Math! And I expected to flunk my Add Maths during SPM because I just hated the subject and ironically I did not even took tuition for Add Maths because I just did not even want to try..haha. But surprisingly, I actually passed my Add Maths even though I only got C6 and I was so proud of that I went off to hug my Add Maths teacher! Hehe..

And to think that I have a sister who scored 98% for her Add ironic is that? Anyway, Sabrina is a whole lots better than me in Add Maths and I am sure she will score anyway. After all the other day she just did all my dishes just because I said to her " kalau cuci pinggan nanti dapat 12A..hahah". And somehow that magic words worked and she clean all my dishes. Hope everything went well for my sis and cannot wait to have her at home so I can bully her again! Kehkeh..

Anyway my weekend was spent in front of the tv. I actually watched Kimora Lee Simmons' Life in the Fab Lane for nearly half a day because they were having this Kimora marathon on Channel E! I thought Kimora with her devil-may-care attitude has a fascinating life.. at least fascinating enough for me to watch..haha. And her two kids are so cute and so so becoming like her. If you haven't watch her show, go watch one today and see the life of formel model and currently a fashion mogul herself.

Kimora Life in the Fab Lane

And before I went to sleep I also managed to watch another model show, this time the larger than life, botox-laden face Janice Dickinson mentoring a new model who also the girlfriend of Peter Crouch - yes that tall, not-so-handsome, rabbit teeth footballer..kehkeh. Anyway I love Janice when she was in America's Next Top Model as one of the jury. And since she was not in the show, I have never really watched that show..hehe.

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Nurmala said...

Wak!!! Saya x suka sejarah..
oo…akak lebih 2 thn dari kita sbb kita amik spm 8 thn lepas..

p/s:best x citer tu??

Anasfadilah said...

my adik bongsu pun SPM

semoga mereka berjaya dengan segala preparationnye sebelum ni..


i told my sister

banyak lagi dugaan besar dari spm..jd jangan risau sangt..

pasal dia sangat takut..(macam la saya tak pernah takut...kan?hahaha)

i so love kimora and aoki lee...her youngest daughter..sgt kelakar la anak dia yg kecik tu..

memang sangat fab ok diorang punya life..

p/s::my fav subject is biology.least fav:kimia..merepek la kimia ni.

~Eila @ Along~ said...

good luck to ur younger sis..neway..eila pun suke tgk cara kimora dan janice tu..walaupun sebenarnya itu cara nak berjaya..

pizli_mw said...

10 tahun lepas kau ambik SPM intan?? tua nya kau...

(padahal aku sebaya kau... serious aku rasa tua)

supermummy said...

ahha..kita suka sejarah sbb mak mmg cikgu sejarah kot..kira genetik agaknya..hahha.cite apa yg best? konfius lak..

betol kita tak amek science stream dulu, so takde la belajar kimia ke bio..tapi amik sains yg biasa tu..itu pon lemah..hahah

ahaa betol..kena tough kan..kehkeh

precious innocent said...

suka tgk cite biography org... nak2 yg kaya... bestkan idup depa nie.. mintak ape je, semua dpt.. huhu

-mama emma0

Zanna_MamaBatrice said...

i love
kimora life in d fabe lane
sgt enjoy karektor dia tu

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