Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Redmummy's Madagascar - Escape 2 Africa Contest

So while waiting for the results of the Tudung Dubai contest, that should be out next week, I stumbled across this contest from the infamous redmummy where you can win tickets to Madagascar's screening! So here I am answering this questions:

1)Character Alex - What animal is that?
Alex is of course the mad, attention seeking and totally lovable LION!

2)I should be getting the free tickets because (less than 15 words la pulak!):
I'd loveeee to meet Red Family,
the perfect way would be winning Redmummy's freebie!

I promise to Supermummy readers that if I ever become the top winner who will be awarded 10 Madagascar tickets, I will of course will not forget you and give away the remaining free tickets to my lovely readers too (ada gaya macam nak pancing undi tak? haha)!

And if you also want to enter the contest yourself just click here for Redmummy's Madagascar - Escape 2 Africa!Good luck!

9 superstars:


promise to supermummy readers..?
larat ke mummy? ramai tu..
tiket ada 10 jek..hehehe..

salam kenal ye mummy.. nanti kita linkkan blog awak...

supermummy said...

haha makanya terpaksa la buat contest baru pulak..kehkeh

achee_b165 said...

contest antara mummy2 semalaya laks..kikiki!!

mama pn suke movie tu.. cam kanak2 rebina lak mama..nk ajar ank kita kena selami jiwa mereka..ceh alasan tuh...heh!!


aFkaR'z said...

gud luck to you anyway.....

supermummy said...

mama redzha
ha tu la..ari tu pon byk kali tgk ulangan cite madagascar yg first tu..kehkeh


Senotip Synte said...

suppermummy ... good luck la yer. cite madagascar nih memang cute!

PakciQue said...

Gud Lux

Kalau menang..mintak sekeping...leh? ahakz..

Pakcique.TK - Madagascar 2

PakciQue said...

Terima kasih

precious innocent said...

smp ke sudah i x tgk lg cite nie...

-mama emma-

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