Friday, October 24, 2008

Friday updates

The photo shoot with Zubye went well even though we are a little bit late and Zubye was in a rush. The not so well thing is I was drenched in sweat and I have forgotten to bring tissues with me. Nasibla muka macam air tejun. Haha. It was so very hard to get Husayn to smile and we have to geletek him to make him laugh. Unfortunately I don't have any pics during the photo shoot so I guess I have to wait until Zubye hand me the CD so I can share the pics with you lovely people. Anyway to those who leave comments and asked about the photoshoot price, mine was RM210 package for the Hari Raya family portrait. But I suggest if you want to know more just contact Zubye directly. She is super friendly and will surely answer whatever questions you might have.

And to Viruspadu and Saw Saw Lady I have posted your prize yesterday and if Pos Malaysia kept their word it actually should arrive today. So hopefully you have receive your prize ya.

Guess what I found in my mail this morning? The awaited email from Redmummy!
Hopefully I can make it to attend the screening on Nov 4, Tuesday night, and get to mingle with fellow bloggers and of course the Red Family. But if I go to the screening I have to bring Husayn with me and he is one restless kid. Everyone will have a headache hearing him screaming his heart out, ok so I am exagerating but sometimes it did happen. Haha.

And lastly the Metrojaya Warehouse Sale!
No I did not go to the sale since my brother went to the sale and so I just pesan one perfume. Best of all I don't have to berebut and beratur until 40 minutes..that's what my brother did anyway. Hehe. And this is what my brother bought for me:
A 100ml Britney Spears Midnight Fantasy for only RM120! Isn't that a steal or what? Hehe..Anyway I love the smell!It smell fruity and yummy and if you have a husband beware that he will try to munch on you..if you have a husband la..kalau takde, wait until you have one. Hehe.

Wish you all a wonderful weekend ahead!

7 superstars:

Aleeya said...

mesti best kan bau dia..jelesss ai tawww, nak jugek he he

viruspadu said...

terima kasih

saya udah dpt bungkusan itu


tq sooooooooooo much :D

Erinsza said...

bestnyer sape yg dapat bertuah badan. supermummy bila nak adekan n3 mcm nie. jgn lupe berithau saya.

mrs hafiz said...

uwaa x dapat nak pegi wrhse sale tu..

supermummy said...

meh meh kita sembur sembur sikit..ada bau tak? haha

haa.ur most welcome! harap2 suka la ye hadiah tu

entry apa ya? entry contest ke? konfius lak

mrs hafiz
takpe..dia orang kata november ada lagi kat midvalley..tatau betol ke tak.hehe

precious innocent said...

wangi ke perfume nie? mcm mana bau die ek??

-mama emma-

Zanna_MamaBatrice said...

mmg sedap bau britney spear tu...
i like bau yg fresh, fruity but feminin

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