Friday, October 31, 2008

Of money and purse

My new one!

I went to Brands Outlet last Monday to buy birthday present for my friend. As I happily browse through the clothes, I found one that I thought was perfect for her and I ended up selecting mine as well. So again happily I walked to the cashier and put the clothes on the counter.

Me : Berapa?
Cashier : RM69.80, kak
Me : Ok, sekejap ya ( while rummaging through my handbag)

And that was when I found out that I have forgotten to bring my purse! How embarassing is that! Luckily Husband was nearby so I asked him to pay for the clothes. If not, I guess I have to pay using all the RM1 duit raya in my bag. Anyway I have experienced this very same thing when I was in Form 2. My mum gave me RM100 to buy new clothes and we were living in Kota Bharu at that time so I went to the shopping mall by riding a bicycle. And at the cashier counter I somehow found out that I lost the money and I don't have any money left with me. So I ended up returning back all the clothes and went back home empty handed and of course totally embarassed! Haha. And I did not go to that mall for more than a month due to that embarassment.

So my advice to all and to myself is check your bag before you go out and again, check you bag before you confidently head to the cashier counter. As for me, I sooo have learned my lesson on that day!

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aFkaR'z said...

hahaha.. tak pernah berlaku lagi

i'm ソソ said...

pernah berlaku...
tapi bukan lupa bawa purse, tapi dalam purse tak ada duit...

precious innocent said...

invitation to ryan's birthday bash...

Mommy Lily said...

betul...tengok purse dulu baru gi kaunter bayaran okey

supermummy said...

haha..kalau tak penah berlakiu lagi takper..tapi silalah ambil langkah berjaga-jaga kerana malang tidak mengenal mangsa..kehkeh..

haha..tapi kalau dalam purse yg takde duit tu ada kredit kad ok lagi..

precious innocent
wah ada birthday bash ke? Insya Allah kalau takde aral melintang dapatla pegi ke birthday party ryan:)

mommy lily
betol tu..serik dah ni! isk..

precious innocent said...

sorry ye, invite via comment box..

i x penah lak tlupa bwk beg duit time shopping.. tp kalau beg duit tu x bduit tu biasa laaaaa.. he he

-mama emma-

Zanna_MamaBatrice said...

malu mmg malu camtu
nasib husband ada dekat area situ..buat nyer husband tu jauh
mau kena pulang balik sumer2 tu kan...he he he

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