Wednesday, October 15, 2008

My first Raya photo shoot

My very first Hari Raya photo shoot in studio

My very first Hari Raya photo shoot in a studio was last year. We were in Taiping and my sis-in-law suggested that we all went to take photos at a nearby photo studio. The experience was quite new to me since before that my family and I have never really taken any photos in a studio. Haha. We usually asked each other to take photos of each other. I mean for my side, we have quite a big family so there's no problem in taking those photos.

And what an experience it was! I did not know that there will be so many people actually waited for their turn to take photos of their family and how Photo shops actually charge higher than usual for Hari Raya photo dos. And look at the above photo! Haha, I did not even really like it. I mean I have smile that is showing too much teeth and Husayn looks like he was slipping my grasp! And at the top right corner of the photos (quite blur from the above picture but visible if viewed first hand) you can see a little bit wires berselerak here and there! Talk about some silly mistakes! I mean the least they could do is crop the photo.

Anyway believe it or not, we just got the above photos during this Hari Raya, which is actually one year late! Haha. My sis-in-law somehow lost the receipt for the above taken photos and the shop assistant refused to find our photos. I guess I learned my lesson and next time no Raya Photo for me at studio on the day of Hari Raya, thank you.

But this year's Raya photo is also not something that can be proud of. I mean we did not even get to have family photo shoot since the guest came in quite early. Here's this year's photo which I think I have posted earlier.
And Husayn was not even looking at the camera! So with this photos futility I have decided to book a Raya photo shoot with Zubye! I hope it will turn out fine since before this I myself have problems in making Husayn look at the camera. Only problem is the location. Still thinking about it or do you have any ideas where should be the perfect Hari Raya photo setting? I'm thinking somewhere with background of mosque like Shah Alam, Putrajaya, or even Masjid Wilayah which is very near to my office!

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~Eila @ Along~ said...

eila pun mase baru2 kawen dulu 1st raya p amik gambar studio..skang ni dah masuk thn ke3..nak p studio pun tak sempat dah..hehe

aFkaR'z said...

saya tak penah amek gambar raya kat studio seumo idup niii..

tapi tahun ni InsyaAllah rasanya sebab adik ipar dah janji nanti ramai pi studio baru dia, amek gambar whole family..!

precious innocent said...

yey.. another4 customer for zubye.. habis la nnt dia famous mcm saiful nang tu...

location tu, biar la yg selesa utk u.... even kalau kat rumah sdiri pun ok what......

-mama emma-

supermummy said...

tu la..nak kena ada kerajinan nak gi studo ni..haha

wah2 bestnya..adik ipar photographer ke..senang la..mesti free je..kehkeh

precious innocent
itu la terpaksa book zubye sebab susah sgt nak amik gamba my son. ha tapi finally i dah decide nak amik gambar kat klcc park! hehe

Zanna_MamaBatrice said...

cantik gambar
yelah....selain masa wedding
rasanye time raya pun kena buat special photoshoot kan...

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