Thursday, October 30, 2008

On MC today

I am at home right now because I am on MC today, thanks to eating lots of food during yesterday's Jamuan Hari Raya. Yesterday I vomitted a few times and today I felt melayang-layang and I cannot even stand properly. Hopefully I will feel fine as soon as possible since this loya2 and headache is making me crazy.

Anyway yesterday Zubye sms me on the phone and asked me to visit her blog. And I thought excitedly the photos for the shooting must be up on her blog already! So I visited and here are the photos.

Thank you Zubye for the lovely photos! Cannot wait for the full set of the photos!

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i'm ソソ said...

kena rajin makn ubat yoo...
gambar sangat cantik...sweet sangat

precious innocent said...

kan dah kata, sure cantik punye shoot u nie... muka sememeh pun sure jadi cantik.. zubye pandai touch up.. he he

get well soon aaa

-mama emma-

aFkaR'z said...

dah nonton gambar ni kat blog zubye semalam... cantekkkk!!!

:. iBuAfiQah a.k.a Irnie .: said...

cantiknya gambar2 tu kak....
sweet jerr......

supermummy said...

haha tu la..selalu paksa anak makan ubat..bila turn diri sendiri malasnya nak makan

mama emma
haha tu la..bagus betul zubye ni..mmg magik..kehkeh

aha..credits to zubye utk kecantikan gambar itu..

ibuafiqah kak ke..ibuafiqah ni umur berapa..kang mengaku kak tetiba lagi muda susah la pulak..haha

zubye said...

hello there!

re : not so obvious lah the peluh.. hehhe.. with no any special editing .. tak nampak pun u sweat.. hehhe.. looks so manis je in that blue baju kurung..

it was such a great session that day.. eventhough susah and so challenging to capture Husayn.. but he's a cute boy indeed.. mula2 malu2 sama auntie.. dah nak last2 baru panas ye...

hehhe.. ok will meet u again insyaallah.. take care!

Thank you very much to you and family for the opportunity :-)

Zanna_MamaBatrice said...

cute nyer
ngan baju raya yerk
sporting si husyan berbaju melayu panas2 yerk
cantik2 gambarnya intan

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