Thursday, October 23, 2008

Husband, Husayn and Facebook

Husband and Husayn have not been well this morning, though both actually require different medication and prescription.

There were days when you don't know why you fell in love with your Husband at the first place, and today is one of those days. Men can get too cocky sometimes but the thing with them (at least in my Husband's case) is they don't actually tell us what is wrong. This type of people simple yelled for no reason and suddenly they cease speaking at all as if we did not exist, and of course after spending the night on the couch ( which is so not related to Husband. will explain them later) , I was cranky which explains why I yelled back. I really need a punching bag to release all this pent up anger. Haha.

My poor baby has vomitted nearly 10 times since 7pm yesterday. The last vomit was at 2 something this morning. I am still now clueless what caused the vomitting and so I asked the doctor at Klinik Kelana Puteri last night and she said maybe it was salah makan or something. The doctor inserted ubat for his muntah into his punggung and he was okay until 2 something in the morning where he vomitted again. So I gave him his ubat muntah and alhamdulillah he is getting well and no vomit 'til now. I suspected his muntah is due to the vitagen and bubur kacang the Husband gave him when I was having my break fast yesterday. But nearly 10 times vomit in one night is too much to handle for me. Anyway the doctor suggested we go to the hospital if he started vomitting again and I am watching him closely and praying for the best.

And the couch thing? Last night after he had his last muntah, I brought Husayn downstairs and let him sleep in the buai (hammock) because I was afraid of breastfeeding him since everything kept coming out. And while he slept peacefully in the buai, I of course slept on the couch.

So this will explain why the different medication between this two 'H'. So what do you think is the best medication for Husband? A knock in the head will do him good since he is sometimes too hardheaded for his own good, but then that would make me isteri derhaka pulak. I will prefer the punching bag instead. And as for Husayn, please please be okay. I love you baby..muah muah!

Yes, I have also updated on myself. I finally managed to register for Facebook!Look at this! Intan Zalani's Facebook profile

Oh yes, I am so ketinggalan but then better late than never! I have usually been a Friendster person. I know there are tons of sites like this like Tagged, High5 and tons that I could not remember. And the best that I like about Facebook is my office has still not ban this site yet (Friendster has already been banned here) and you can actually chat in here! Lovely. And of course you are also welcome to add me to your facebook (saya suka menambah kawan..hehe) or if you don't already have one, go register yourself now!

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~Eila @ Along~ said...

eila dah add u as my fren ok..

Arin said...

so how's ur baby boy today?takut gak bila tang muntah2 nih..

supermummy said...

thanks for adding ya!

ha tu la..kalau muntah lagi ni terpaksala ke hospital..setakat ni ok lagila kot dan harap2 la bertambah2 ok. doakan la ye..

mrs hafiz said...

my hubby n bb i baru je sht..
hmm cian kan budak x sht.. skrg musim org x sht..
hoping for ur bb speedy recovery k..

yeay dah join facebook ya..i cuma ada frnster n facebook je, lelain tu malas nak lyn.. tgk mana ramai org join..

aFkaR'z said...

dah add... pleace accept amiey aziz

vivavogue said...

facebook is sooo much more user friendly.....welkam 2 the club

precious innocent said...

haha... i baru nak add u...

ps, bagus jugak baca entry lama2 nie..leh tgk kot2 ada entry yg ttinggal mcm kes fb nie.. ngeh2

-mama emma-

Zanna_MamaBatrice said...

me pun kekadang layan facebook gark

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