Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Hari Raya Open House galore

The contest is now officially closed, well since yesterday evening actually. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the lovely commentors for your support and for the wonderful stories! I will read and re-read everything and the result should be out by next week.

Anyway the previous weekend was full of visiting relatives house, not exactly full since we did manage to go 4 houses in 2 days only. Here's the recap:

1) Ucuk's open house in Seremban

Green Street Homes at Seremban 2 was where we headed

Ucuk is an auntie of mine who currently resides in Abu Dhabi but previously lived in Seremban 2. Anyway even though she lives in Abu Dhabi, she went back to Malaysia more often than I went back to my kampung. And during puasa she even went back to Malaysia for one night only and then the next day fly back to Abu Dhabi. That's the perk of having a husband as pilot and that explain why I want Husayn to be a pilot, so he can sponsor me and Husband to travel the world free of charge! Haha. We stayed a night at Ucuk's house in Seremban and Husayn really love to play running inside the house and outside on the porch!
Cuba membuat shot ala2 Zubye with my cikai camera..haha

With his favourite toy that actually is his Uncle Irfan's

The morning after: Breakfast at the Porch

Uncle Ian and Irfan - yes that's Ian that was mentioned in my previous post!

We then said our goodbyes around 5 something and headed to Husband's cousin open house in Serdang.

2) Husband's Cousin @ Serdang
We are heading to Serdang!

There are no photos taken during the Open House but the food was nice! Husayn actually had two servings of mee sup and I stuffed myself with loads and loads of the caramel pudding! Husayn kept trying to grab other's people's toys and since there are a bunch of kids he kept following them everywhere they went. We went home around 8 something, all tired and as for me I really need my dose of Grey's Anatomy. Since I have my hands on complete season of Grey's Anatomy Season 2 and 4, I have watched nothing else but the series. Haha.

3) Sunday @ Husband's Cousin in SS2
This Husband's Cousin used to work quite near to my office back when I was in Damansara Uptown. Haven't seen her for a while and in the middle of this year she was diagnosed with this brain tumor and now she has resigned and stayed at home. She looked so skinny and all her words were slurring. I thought it must be due to the operations that she had.

Anyway Husayn was sleepy and he kept throwing food and spilled some drink on his own pants that it look like he peed inside his pants. I was quite mad at him and finally I succeeded in breastfeeding him to sleep. Peaceful it is. Haha.

4) Sunday @ Husband's Uncle in Shah Alam
Believe it or not Husayn really ate a lot and he even consumed 2 bananas! And somehow all those food takes it toll, and he actually berak 3 times! Letih mak awak ni Husayn!

p/s: I am shamelessly begging you lovely people to vote for me in here! Thank you in advance!

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Aleeya said...

serdang dah dkt dah tu ngan putrajaya kan.sampai ati tak singgah beraya umah aku he he

supermummy said...

ahah..kasila address..tak invite cane nak dtg..kang buat muka tak malu dtg lak, dah la anak saya ini suka membuat perangai di rumah orang..heheh

mimielola said...

Oh, I missed the contest!!

supermummy said...

don't worry, insya Allah there will other contest!

precious innocent said...


-mama emma-

Zanna_MamaBatrice said...

kalu raya
mmg puas ler makan kalu ada jemputan open house
mcm2 ada kan
rajin ngan tak jer lah nak jejak kaki tu

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