Thursday, October 9, 2008

A conversation with a 4-year-old

On one of those days during my Hari Raya holiday at my kampung in Batu Pahat, I found this card lying on the floor. I was intrigued so I picked up the card and opened it.

I saw some drawings on the card and I suspected it belongs to my 4-year-old cousin, Ian. I assumed those were the drawings of cats and flowers and other things which I still cannot fathom. Heheh.
And then I flipped to the next page and I found this which really got me. In case if you have problems reading those words below (just like I did the first time I read this..haha), here are the words:

To My Daddy

You are the best!

From Ian

Once I finished reading that, Ian appeared from nowhere and said "Eh ni adik punya kad la" and so we had this conversation.

Me : Ni kad untuk sapa ni?
Ian : Untuk Daddy adik la
Me : Eh Daddy adik sapa?
Ian : K****** A**** la
Me : Adik sayang ke Daddy adik?
Ian : Mestila sayang..hehe

You must think the conversation is a little bit weird, I mean who doesn't love their daddy. But in Ian case it is different. Ian's mother which is also my auntie is divorced from Ian's father since he was around 1-year-old, so basically Ian did not even know or recognise who is his father. After the divorce, the father has never met him or even called to ask about him. And when he said innocently that he love his daddy, I guess that's what makes me really sad. Anyway Ian made the card at school during the recent Father's day where every one in his class has to make father's day card for their father.

Here's a pic of Ian with Husayn.

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ariffda said...

sedih nye....langsung xpernah jumpa ddy dia?? saya dah rasa mcmana tak ada abah tapi masa tu saya dah 10thn...

supermummy said... mmg tak kenal rupa pun..dia tgk gamba je la..

pizli_mw said...


Mynie said...

sedihnya baca kisah ni.. hampir menitis airmata.. semoga adik Ian mendapat ganti kasih ayahnya daripada keluarganya yang lain, insyaAllah..

i've been a silent reader for a few weeks now. mohon permisi saya buat link di blog saya. terima kasih.

Lan0stZz said...

omg sedihnye, Ian is too innocent and loving not to have a father's love. Makin pedih hati bila tahu ayahnya tak make the effort to meet him T_T

precious innocent said...


kebetulan kwn i pun baru je kawen baru... & her x-hubby xdak pun effort nak jumpe anak dia... tp nasib baik his new hubby syg giler kat anak kwn i nie...

-mama emma-

Zanna_MamaBatrice said...

kesian nya Ian

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