Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Breastfeeding Story of Angelina Jolie

Have you seen this cover image from W magazine of Angelina Jolie breastfeeding one of her twins? I thought the photo is very beautiful and intimate and what's more Brad Pitt was the one who took photo of them! And did you see the tiny little fingers? There was some raw emotion and love radiates through this photo, and maybe because it is Angelina Jolie herself? Anyway she look relax and happy and more at ease with herself.

But still, I cannot forgive Angelina Jolie for taking away Brad Pitt from Jennifer Aniston! Haha..It's true, everytime I read magazine and see photos of Brangelina I just can't help but flip the page away. Hehe. But I guess I have to make exception for this photo.

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4 superstars:

~Eila @ Along~ said...

i love Brangelina..diorg ni walaupun kaya..tp suke tolong org..humble dan berhati mulia..suke tolong budak2..

supermummy said...

aah suka menolong orang dan harta berlambak2, dan kapel yg sungguh gorgeous...tapi tetap tidak boleh memaafkan brad pitt kerana meninggalkan jennifer aniston..kehkeh..lagipon agaknya saya agak jeles kpd brangelina.haha

Arin said...

till now, i tak suka angelina jolie nih..tatau nape..sebab dia amik bradd pitt kot..

precious innocent said...

mcm mana la nak buat bibir mcm dia tu ek?? sexy!!!!

-mama emma-

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