Saturday, November 1, 2008

The best air kedondong in PJ that I ever tasted

I had my sort of makan petang-cum-dinner yesterday at Village Park, Damansara Uptown. I love love going to this restaurant because of the air kedondong! It was so sedap that they usually ran out of air kedondong by lunch time. But thankfully when I went there yesterday I maanged to feed myself air kedondong since they have just replenish their kedondong stock.

Anyway the real reason I went to Village Park was because my tekak is throwing tantrums and the nauseous and loya have not really gone away that makes me scared inside. Janganla pregnant pulak, kept chanting on my mind. Haha. Not that I don't want any kid after Husayn, but I was hoping we have more time for Husayn at least until he turns 2 before he get any adik. But then if somehow I got pregnant before that, I will of course accept it and love it too! See, I have a fickle minded mind. Sekejap nak pregnant, sekejap tak nak.

So I ordered asam laksa since I long for something masam-masam sikit.

The Asam Laksa

And of course my favourite air kedondong

which I also consume with my favourite version of roti bakar
and husband had his mee kari
with air apa ya..oops cannot remember..must be coffee or something
And it was really heavenly! Yummy! Actually my old office was just next door to Village Park so I used to go here a lot of times, but not too many because the price is a little bit above average. But Jalan Jalan Cari Makan TV3 has done coverage on Village Park and I always saw the beautiful and famous hanging out here, though I cannot remember who. Haha. Tapi really, this place has one of the best food in PJ and they claim they have the best nasi lemak in PJ.

So the next time you are in the Damansara Uptown area, do drop by this restaurant ya and this is not an advertisement and I am not paid to do this write up but really, this comes from my heart..haha.

And as for the pregnancy scare, after we finished with Village Park, I went to Guardian to buy pregnancy test and the outcome is negative. Haha..All this pregnancy talk reminds me of a conversation I had with Husayn a few days ago.

Me: Sayang, nak adik tak?
Husayn : Nanak!

Pandai betul dia jawab. Isk. Haha.

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shafa said...

best ek air kedondong...??
nk kene try nih...
tp masam tak ek...??
sbb normally makan buah kedondong tuh masam..
but i'll try...
nk kene gitau asben suh gi PJ....

supermummy said...

aah sodapp..try kedondong campo asam boi tu..masam2 manis rasanya..nyam nyamm

achee_b165 said...

my hubby suka sgt kedondong... klu dpt sure... kena wat garam belancan(bahasa kedah)... sini pangil pe ya? smbal cicah tu... xreti la...hehe.. dia mmg hantu kedondong+mangga muda?? cm dia lak org pompuan... apekah??


Arin said...

waktu saya dok dmnsara dulu..tetiap ahad pagik sure ke village park nih dah dok area kopitiam sini aje le..

Delia said...

my inlaws suka betul pi Village Park for brunch. kadang2 i ngelat dtg kerja lambat and join them..hehehe nasib baik i was working with my dad in his law boss tak marah, takpelah kan? =D food dia mmg sedap and yes, it's above average so takleh lah makan selalu sgt. but it is worth it. especially asam pedas dia..nyummmmm and owner dia Chinese Muslim =)

precious innocent said...

tiba rasa lapaq...

-mama emma-

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