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Amazing Blog Friday: Hotmama Pouch

Meet Melor Abdul Rahman, 26 who is the owner and creator of Hotmama Pouch. For those who are wondering what in the world is a Hotmama Pouch, take a look at this below pic.

Yes, Hotmama Pouch is actually a super cute baby sling! What is even more Amazing is Melor is not only the owner and the designer for Hotmama Pouch, she also sew the sling by herself! Made from high quality cotton, this baby sling comes in various sizes and designs. Currently Melor is selling the sling online and available at Forum WMC and she also has her own website which is MoleyGarden which is due to be launched on 11 November 2008! So let's get up close and personal with Melor and see what inspire this mother of one to start her business initially.

Can you tell me more about yourself?
Melor Abdul Rahman, 26 years, married with one daughter (2 years), Putrajaya - Cyberjaya

Melor with husband and daughter

When did you start your online shop?
Aug 2007. At first I sell through forum. I'll be launching my e-commerce site on 11 Nov. 2008. Bookmark my link now ok

So far I actively selling at my forum store –

Link at -

What drive you to start your business online?
I love business. It's in the blood because my late father had 3-4 business during his lifetime. Since I'm working full time and have only small capital, I try to find ways to do business without having a high overhead cost and I want to do it part time. Plus point that I have been expose to internet and online shopping for so long, I thinks it's time for me start selling something online and I did it!

Are you doing online business full time or is this only for side income?
I'm doing this as a part time and planning ahead to do it full time. Waiting for the right time to come, haha!

Where do you get the ideas for the design of your products?
It started when I had my daughter. She's fully breastfeed up to 10 months; her weight was 3.72kg when she was born. She reluctant to be seated on the stroller during outing and I have to find a way to carry her and at the same time, I didn't get the backache, get my hands free so that I can move around with her easily and most important is it's safe. I surf over the net about baby wearing and did some research. I finally bought baby sling from Lucky Baby Wear. It cost me around RM145 at that time. Having such a good time during baby wearing with the pouch, drives me to try to sew my own pouch so that I have few designs to suit my outfit when I go out. I start to find fabrics at local store and borrow sewing machine from my mother in law. She has like 3 machines, thanks a lot her! Although I have my own machine now, without her machine and she as the QA person, Hotmama Pouch will be not invented. FYI, I only have basic knowledge in sewing.
One of Melor's design

I realized that people always give me a second look and smile when they saw me carrying Yasmin in the baby pouch, I also been approached by strangers few times at shopping mall, asking about baby pouch. From there, I got an idea to start selling baby pouch to all moms in Malaysia. I want mommies to experience the precious and joyful moment of baby wearing with their baby like I had. I've did some research on sizes, measurement, safety about baby pouch, how to wear, type of fabric, type of seam stress etc before I start offer my product to others. With 110% full support from my other half I sold my first Hotmama Pouch on Aug 2007.

Do you have a physical shop?
Not yet...i wish to have one when I do this business full time. Currently, I turned one of room in my apartment as my so called "working-studio-inventory-room".
Colourful design!

How do you promote your business?
I join forums that offer user to do business in their forum like WMC, just to name a few. I also do emails/sms all my friends, colleagues, use MySpace, Friendster and my blog to promote my website and latest offer I have.

Which part of Malaysia or the world does your customer come from?
I had customers from all over Malaysia including Sabah & Sarawak…regardless of races. Planning to try selling on ebay and get more customers from overseas and earn in USD$ ka-chingg!

What makes your online shop different than other shops?
I sell something that rarely offered by others like my Hotmama Pouch. Maybe some other online did sell same product but the prints and type of fabrics I choose is different. For the kids wear I try my best to offer the latest trend in the market and currently I also have Gymboree lines that I order direct from Gymboree Online US (

Any tips or advice for new or budding women entrepreneurs out there?
Never give up and work smart! To those plans to sell product online, invest some money to buy good camera to shoot your products because pictures speak thousand words! Not forgot to mention, service to your customer must be very good, to gain their trust is to deliver on time, give correct information about your product as precise as possible. Remember, people talks, you'll not only get return customer but sure you'll get a friend, of a friend of one of your customer who already purchased from you to come and buy from your online shops if your service is good!

And in conjunction with the launching of and Melor's birthday on 11th November, Melor has been kind enough for a promotion preview for Supermummy readers:

1. First 11 customer who register to 11% Discount on all items + FREE SHIPPING
2. First 111 customer who register will get FREE SHIPPING
*Promotion apply to first purchase ONLY.

So brace yourself for November 11 and don't forget to log on to MoleyGarden on that day!
Much thanks and gratefulness to Melor for ever willing to be featured at Malaysian Supermummy. And you have been awarded this to be added to your site! :

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