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Amazing Blog Friday: Cupcakes by Datin MaryZain

Cupcakes-craze among Malaysians have seen the emergence of various Cupcakes online shops. These cupcakes don't only look pretty but it also tasted heavenly as well! And so for this week Amazing Blog Friday, I am featuring a cupcake online shop : Cupcakes by Datin MaryZain!
The name itself will make you intrigued doesn't it? I mean do Datins actually bake and sell cupcakes? OK, actually the name itself is a combination of the owner's parents' names which are Dato’ Hj Mat Zain & Datin Hjh Mariam. This lovely cupcake shop owner is Inn Erviena Zain, 30 from Hulu Langat Selangor. The most interesting thing I found out about Inn's cupcake business is she had cupcakes order from Her Royal Highness herself which is the Permaisuri Agung - Raja Permaisuri Agong Tuanku Nur Zahirah.

Let's get to know Inn and her cupcake shop better and see what makes her shop apart from the other Cupcakes online shops!

Inn, the owner of the lovely Cupcakes by Datin Mary Zain

1. When did you start your online shop?
Started end of 2006. Appeared on The Star paper twice last year

You can also view the cupcakes pics here!

2. What drive you to start your business online?
It was my sister's idea. we initially started the business together but after she got offered from several law firm the commitment is no longer there but order still keep coming in and I am "in comfort zone" when I'm baking and designing the cuppies. So, I am currently doing this business on my own.

The super hot couple in bed cake!

3. Are you doing online business full time or is this only for side income?
Full time. But mula2 memang for fun but after we got a lot of fans and followers it is business to me now. I got a lot of orders from royalties as well as the permaisuri agung and also Tunku Puan Pahang.

4. What do you think is your best product?
Cupcakes and also I sell the design. I give what customer's want, they(the customer) tell me what they have in mind and I'll try my best to deliver it,

Boyz theme cupcakes

5. Do you have a physical shop ?
No shop. All at home and orders through emails,sms all in cyber world. I have several groups as in Facebook, flickr, blog, and also a few forum groups basically for bakers to share ideas

6. How do you promote your business?
All online, thru facebook,flickr,blog, and also good recommendation from regular customers

Perfect for the totally cute and girly- girly!

7. Which part of Malaysia or the world does your customers come from?
I would say all around the world. For international order; normally they want to surprised their families in KL so they ordered and paid online and all i have to do is deliver the cakes to the families.

8. What makes your online shop different than other shops?
Well of course the taste, the designs, and i believe in good PR and also rezeki i guess:) Ohh one more thing, I deliver what customer's want and also on time, trust is another thing I guess. As in cyber world you have to maintain the trust given by your customers.

10. Any tips or advice for new or budding women entrepreneurs out there?
Work hard and also you have to always upgrade ur skills.

Additional note from Inn of Cupcakes by Datin MaryZain:
Nama Cupcakes by Datin MaryZain is because pada mulanya masa nak masuk paper tu I dont have any name for the biz so i combinekan nama my parents. Alhamdullillah nama tu bawak berkat i guess, with that name I can reached out to soo many new customers, lagi satu mungkin ade Datin di depan tu kan so I received byk jugak VIP orders as well as royalties lah:))

And if you want to order these cupcakes you can visit Cupcakes by Datin MaryZain blog for more design and details and contact her at:
Phone no : Inn 019-6133211
YM : erviena_zain
Email :

I, of course am not forgetting Supermummy readers and for this week Amazing Blog Friday, Cupcakes by Datin MaryZain is offering a 2 weeks promotion from 1st - 14th November to all Supermummy readers! For every set of Big 12pcs or Mini 16 pcs, you will get extra 2 cuppies! To qualify for this promotion don't forget to mention Malaysian Supermummy blog. If not cannot get to offer la..hehe..And remember the promotion starts only on 1st Nov. Any questions or inquiries can be directed to Inn.

I would like to take the opportunities to thank Inn for ever willing to be featured here. And for that, you are most welcome to add this Supermummy Amazing Blog Friday image at your blog!

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mrs hafiz said...

kita suke order kek/cupcake..fondant.. sebab suke tgk cantik2..
harga utk fondant brapa ye? sama ke?

precious innocent said...

awat dia x buh rege ek??

-mama emma-

i'm ソソ said...

sungguh cantik CC dan cake itu...sayang nak makan lahhh...

miss R.e.p.u.n.z.a.L said...

mummy..kita blom jd mummy lagik..hehe.

upcakes dia cantik2 la..
tp harga mn..
kot la nak oder kan?

supermummy said...

mrs hafiz
alamak..harga tu kena tanya tuan punya kedai..saya tolong promote jek..

precious innocent
ha kalau harga sila tanya tuan kedai juga ya

ahaha..tu la

miss repunzal
sila tanya tuan kedai juga ya..part ni tak dapek la den nak nolong..hehe

nasazfrog... said...

seninye cupcake tuh,, nak makan pun sayangkan...

Mommy Lily said...

yang, bila pulak nk buat amazing blog utk ni... mami tunggu ur invitation ye...

atau mcmana prosedurnye?

supermummy said...

ha tu la..sayang nak makan..kehkeh

mommy lily
mommy, nnt kita contact mommy..ada email tak? takpon mommy bole email saya kat

inn said...

alahhaii baru ade kesempatan nak singgah sini:) busy buat cake sampai x sempat nak browse around. Tentang harga boleh email pada saya, and i will forward the price list ye. TQ so much:))

inn - cupcakes by datin maryzain

Zanna_MamaBatrice said...

cantiknyer cuppies dia

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