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Amazing Blog Friday: Be Gorgeous with getGorgeous!

The first time I accidentally found out about getGorgeous, I was hooked. Well, here's one online boutique that does not only sell clothes, it also took the initiative to present the clothes or accessories that they sell in such a way that make you feel like buying it! And somehow everytime I found something that I like from their shop, most of them are either not in my size or sold out. The brainchild of two beautiful and stylish sisters, Azlia and Allia, the shop caters from the regular size to plus size types. And with a motto "Fashion for Muslim Chic", now who said tudung-wearing ladies can not be stylish themselves.

What's interesting about getGorgeous is they don't only sell clothes or accesories, they also will help you to find style that suits you with useful tips and tricks and sometimes they even organise events and activities. Don't believe me? Go visit them at and you will know what I mean. And today I am so lucky to have getGorgeous in Supermummy Amazing Blog Friday. Let's get to know getGorgeous better ya!

1. Can you tell me more about getGorgeous?
getGorgeous is owned by two sisters; Azlia ,25 & Allia,23 with ardent desire and passion to start an online clothing business. Starting by home based business, now we are expanding & have our own office located at Puchong,Selangor.

The lovely Allia (left) and Azlia (right)

2. When did you start your online shop?
in June 2007

3. What drive you to start your business online?
After quitting my job (Azlia), I had nothing to do & started doing online biz just for fun. Then I saw the opportunity in making money through internet & I really enjoy what I'm doing compared to my previous job. Luckily,my sis (Allia) decided to be part of the team & being my partner. Using our own saving, we run a very small online store with just 6 pieces of clothes on sale! Soon, we transformed our own bedroom into a little store cum workstation as there have been an encouragingly increase demand on our product, and the goods have taken more spaces, making our mom very uneasy about all those cluttered stuffs ;p

Alhamdulillah, now we have our own office & mini boutique for operating our job.

getGorgeous boutique

4. Are you doing online business full time or is this only for side income?
full time =)

5. What do you think is your best product?
Well, actually it depends..Customer's taste & choice varies throughout the year.Last year,there's an "Eazy breezy knitted cardi" musim which we had to re-stock every month..And our "Sugar Shift Dress" season that sold out in just one day! This year, our best product are Plaid Pinafore & Lively floral dress;)

6. Do you have a physical shop ?

We do have our office & little boutique at Puchong. Do visit our web for the map & info.
Azlia at getGorgeous shop

7. How do you promote your business?
by Online & Offline.In this competitive business, we believe the best
marketing is from our valued customers who are spreading & promoting the news about getGorgeous:)

8. Which part of Malaysia or the world does your customers come from?
All over Malaysia including Sabah & Sarawak. We also received great response from Singapore,Japan,Switzerland,Australia etc

9. What makes your online shop different than other shops?
What makes us unique and different from the other online store is that we not only sells very good quality clothes, but we also offers and provides variety of ideas(tips&tricks) and fashion for muslimah to appear trendy.
look at that rack of clothes!
10. Any tips or advice for new or budding women entrepreneurs out there?
+Believe in yourself
+enjoy with wat u do & consistent (istiqamah)
+be positive
+Visualize ur dreams & make it happen
+Jangan malu utk memulakan perniagaan
+Always read & learn from any motivation & business books

And here comes the good news for all Supermummy readers!

getGorgeous has been kind enough to give 10% DISCOUNT from total price for all Supermummy readers! Please bear in mind that this offer EXCLUDE discount or stock clearance items and postage.

So what are you waiting for? Here's step by step guide on what you should do:

a) make order through web.How to order please click here :

b)email getGorgeous at
CODE : Supermummy

c) we will inform total price after discount

d) customer can proceed the payment :)

This offer is valid untill 31st October 2008. Don't miss on this really good deal!

And to Azlia and Allia, you are welcome to include this Supermummy Amazing Blog Friday image at your site! Good luck and I wish all the best for you both!

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ariffda said...

saya pun berangan nak biz online sbb tak perlu kan space yg byk & leh jaga anak sendiri...if keje saya ni tak diextendkan contractnye, maybe saya on je bisnes online...tapi tak tau nak bisnes apa...ada idea?

precious innocent said...

remembered masa they operated thier online biz kat fp...

la nie dah ada domain sdiri...


-mama emma-

reena said...

beshnye buat biz online...bila lah kite bole benti keje dan buat mcm dia org nih...
nice info sis....

miss R.e.p.u.n.z.a.L said...

HISSHHH...jelez la..
ada biz sendiri...

a.c.H.i.k.A.n.i said...

saya da beli a few collection from them..memang puas hati..

Zanna_MamaBatrice said...

bila ler i pun nak berbisnes jugak
bila tengok org lain berjaya ngan bisnes on line
me pun nak gark

Keith Wong said...

Nice collections, Thanks for sharing this post.

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