Friday, September 19, 2008

Amazing Blog Friday:

To all Malaysian Supermummy lovely readers,

I am starting a new column Amazing Blog Friday where I will do a feature post on selected blog. The blog is chosen randomly but if you are interested to be featured you can always email me at and I might do a feature on your blog. I am doing this because I think there are lots and lots of interesting blogs out there that I want to share with you. I will also feature shopping blogs so you can get to know this shopping blogs owner closer and eventually buy their product, and shopping blog owner also get to have free promotion on Malaysian Supermummy.

For Amazing Blog Friday first entry, has been selected as our very first Amazing Blog Friday feature! Owned by sisters Fadzillah and Jamillah , this boutique is targeted for fashionable muslimah who wants to cover their modesty but at the same time look fabulous! You can find jubah, headscarves (tudung), blouse and accesories among some of the stuff that are available here.

Tudung Dubai for RM20 can be paired with the below kebaya!

This sweet kebaya is only Rm79.90 @!

Sis Fadzillah is kind enough to answer all this questions via email and here it is!

1. Who is the owner of belongs to Fadzillah Amer Nordin, 31 and location JB and my sister Jamillah Amer Nordin, 25 and currently still studying in Indonesia doing her Master in Engineering

2. When did you start your online shop?
- 14 Dec.2007

3. What drive you to start your business online?
- Firstly just for fun as I already resigned from my permanent job. But after I realize I have patient on doing online biz so I decided to make it as one of my income base

4. Are you doing online business full time or do you do part time, while you still have your day job?
-Full time

5. What do you think is your best product?
-Best product are Jubah and Tudung Spandex which are directly from Indonesia and we sell it with reasonable price. And we do also have our own design of blouses which customer only can have in from our online shop. But usually they are in limited stock

6. Do you have a physical shop ?
-Currently no but will be open soon by next year located at Setia Tropika JB
(the shop lot is still under construction)

7. How do you promote your business?
-By being active in Forum such as KMC, plazacentre and wanitaniaga.I also did offline promotion by opening booth at shopping complex, joint UTM activities (during convocation and Hari Koperasi UTM)

8. Which part of Malaysia or the world does your customers come from?
-Mostly from around Malaysia, East and West M'sia. I do also have customer
from Japan, Arab Saudi, AUstralia, Germany and Singapore. But they are mostly M'sian student.
9. Any tips or advice for new or budding women entrepreneurs out there?
-If you want to start any biz either offline or online..always did because
of God, insya-ALLAH u will successful. Do not treat competitor as enemy.

I would like to thank Sis Fadzillah for ever willing to be featured on this column and for that you are awarded the Featured on..Supermummy Amazing Blog Friday! Sis, you are most welcome to add that to your site!

And to all Malaysian Supermummy readers, watch out this space for a promotion from, exclusively for Malaysian Supermummy readers and don't forget to visit today!

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Zuhaini said...

dukacita ingin saya maklumkan.. saya tak leh dafter la kat supermummy shopping link tu.. tatau apa masalah.. dia kata akan bagi email verification.. saya tunggu punya tunggu x dak pun..
sat lagi saya dafter lagi eh.. haha..

supermummy said...

oo ya ke..dah try cek kat junk mail? kadang2 termasuk kat situ..hehe..tapi kalau tak bole gak inform la ye

Zanna_MamaBatrice said...

cantiknyer kebaya hijau tu

precious innocent said...

btw intan, dah lama u x review memana online shoppe kan?

-mama emma-

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