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Salam Ramadhan to all my fellow Muslims out there! It is the 2nd day of Ramadhan and I have never felt better! I just could not believe how time really flew by though. So what is the difference between my last Ramadhan and this year's Ramadhan? Here are some of it:

1. New employer
I used to work as a designer at Damansara Utama, a private company dealing with IT and herbs. One year went by and I am 9 months at my new job in government sector. The pros of working at private company, during Ramadhan I can come at 9am and still go back at 4.30pm since their regulations are not that strict. But here at my current office, I have to come at 8am to be eligible to go back at 5pm. Oh the torture!

Husayn seen here with Husband, shopping during last Ramadhan at Ikano

2. Husayn is going 15 months!
Last year Husayn was still a baby when he had his first Ramadhan. I was still exclusively breastfeeding him at the time and he was this bulat baby but somehow at 15 months all thos bulat-ness seemed to disappear. I wonder why. Haha. Maybe because he is really an active toddler that all the lemak seems to fade away. But Husayn last year and Husayn this year has one thing in common. He will cry endlessly everytime I perform my Terawih prayer. You see, since having Husayn, my mother and I have been performing our Terawih at home. And Husayn is usually wide awake during the Terawih.

Last year he will roll over his body and cried like he has been whipped in the butt that I am sure the whole taman will hear his voice. This year is no difference, maybe even worse. Since he can walk and move around freely, everytime I start my prayer he will cry and shout "Mama!" over and over. And everytime I sujud, he will climb on top of me and bite on my back while crying. The funny thing is even when he cried he will said "Allahuakbar" and keep mumbling whatever that he knows such as dog, cat, nenen and even his own name which he called Mamat Jaja (fyi, his full name is Mohammed Husayn Zharief) !

3. A Great loss
The most astounding difference this Ramadhan is I lost a cousin of mine a few months ago due to cancer. I still could not believe that he is gone, I mean he is only 22! By the time he found out that the frequent stomach ache that he usually suffer is not ordinary, it is actually a cancer, it was too late. The cancer spread so quickly that he passed away one month after he found out about his cancer. He died on his graduation day which makes it even more sad. I remember going to his house last year at Alor Setar on the last day of Ramadhan and giving him duit raya and asked him to passed the duit raya to his other siblings too. I remember him waving goodbye as Husband, Husayn and I made our way back to Husband's hometown in Taiping. And I still cannot believe that was his final goodbye to us. Alfatihah to Abang Long. We all missed you very much.

I hope you all have a blessed Ramadhan and do not forget to perform your Terawih Prayer! Let's take this opportunity to be a better person and Muslim during this Ramadhan. Insya Allah we will be granted with happiness and bliss in this life and the hereafter.

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Zuhaini said...

erm.. so many has happened in one year kan..?

*eh, bukan ke kalau keje masuk kul 8.00, leh balik awal setengah jam (ie kul 4.30 ptg..?)

that's what we practice here.. akt sana tu tatau la cmne.. but kalau da kata gomen, sepatutnya sama la kan..? :)

**psst.. kalau nak balik awal, buat je surat, kata nak tukar ke P1. leh balik kul 4.00 atau 4.30! :)

supermummy said...

oo kat situ mcm tu ke sebab saya ni kat government agency..bukan kementerian..sebab kat sini dia kasi 3 choice:
1. 7.30am-4.30pm
2. 8am-5pm
3. 8.30am-5.30pm

tempat zu masuk pukul 8 bole balik 4.30 ke? jelesnya!

mama belian n cengal said...

selamat berpuasa..
dulu masa saya kerja kat kompleks PKNS, shah alam.. syok sangat kalau tiba bulan puasa. Bazaar ramadannya dan gerai2 kat kompleks itself
walaupun bkn muslim dan tak puasa, tumpang sekaki juga berbeli makanan :)

precious innocent said...

errrkkk!!! posa x ganti lg 1 hari!!!

-mama emma-

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