Saturday, September 6, 2008

My very first Sogo Preview Sale

Everybody is heading to Sogo preview Sale!

Did you see the pavement? Actually I meant to take pics of ppl lining up to enter Sogo

Did anybody go to KL Sogo Preview Sale yesterday? I did and it was so full of people especially in the kids department. I mean I usually saw that kind of crowd at warehouse sales, but this is my first time witnessing that kind of situation in a department store. Well pardon me, because this is my first KL Sogo Sale, people!

Husayn was left at home with my mother since I am expecting crowds jostling here and there. Husband dropped me and my brother at Sogo around 9 something in the morning as he went off to work. It was Friday and I gueesed a lot of people took special leave to attend this sale, haha! Anyway I went on Friday because I think the crowd will be a whole lot worse on Saturday (which is today!). I brought a shopping list with me and here's how mine look like:

1. Tudung (for Hari Raya)
2. Husayn's baju Melayu
3. Husayn's shirts/pants/ shoes for Raya
4. Mummy's shoes
5. Birthday present for Dad

And guess what, I only managed to buy no 1,2 and 3! By the time I finished paying for Husayn's stuff I was too worn out to go to the ladies department. Even my Dad's birthday present have to be postponed! I actually lined up for nearly one hour! Is the cashier sort of slow or people just bought too many things? Haha..I guess it is a combination of both. Yours truly then walked to Semua House and went to Dir's Gallery and bought some tudungs there. I was so tired and I really want to sit down so I walked back to Pustaka Mu'min and sat at the floor of the shop as I browsed their books. Husband picked us up around 2.30 pm and I guess there will be another shopping trip to One Utama to buy moi shoes.Hehe.

And lastly presenting...Husayn's new shoes!

4 superstars:

Lan0stZz said...

JUst wondering, how murah is the sale sampai org beratur camtu?

supermummy said...

i don't know about other department sbb i pegi the kids department je..certain item mcm baju brand miki tu kadang2 ada tinggal rm8 sehelai..tapi ada certain2 item tu 50% off mcm sale biasa je..haha..

Zanna_MamaBatrice said...

cun ler kasut husyan tu

precious innocent said...

cepat la raya.. nak nyoping lg... haha posa pun belum.. ngada je lebih..

-mama emma-

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