Thursday, September 18, 2008

The little boy is growing up

It's been a few entries since I last blogged about Husayn. Anyway he is officially 17 months old ++ now and getting more aggressive. Everytime my husband is driving, he will scream "Mintak! Mintak!" because he want to play with the car stering.

Everytime Husband is going outside the house to smoke, he will cry because he want to play outside the house too. I don't mind if he cry but the thing is he will scream his heart out as if I dera him or anything. Haha. He has also caused some damages to the kitchen utensils like the senduk which he kept banging into the wall. The senduk are either broke into two or have some ugly marks on it .

Oh yes, look at that cheeky smiling face. He is 10kg currently and I was having a hard time trying to weight him at the clinic the other day. I ended up holding him up on the scale and then the nurse weight me (while he was kicking and screaming at the nurse because the nurse was the one who hold him!), and I ended up nearly fainted because of my rising weight (haha, literally of course!). And he also love Youtube! See that pic up there with the pc behind him. Anybody who sit at the pc will have a hard time concentrating with him beside, screaming Bob! Bob!..which means he wants to watch Bob the Builder. My father who usually at the pc will say "Bob tengah tido la.." and then this pentol (pentol means naughty in Jawa, and yes I am one!) will reply back "wa wa!" which means he want to watch lorry instead.

And he love to drink anything within his reach too! Current favourite is of course plain water, tea, vitagen and Milo. Even when the drink is already finished he will act as if he is still drinking just like the above picture. Oh, and the above baju is also his favourite pair because it has Ultraman on it. Husband usually ask him "gaya Ultraman macam mana?" and he will make Ultraman-style complete with yeah! I guess the Ultraman-loving blood runs in our family. Haha.

There's also the car. He loves car, lorry, bike, bicycle or anything that is moving. He will call a construction site, big big machine Bob and he loves to play with tolo car's wheel. And when he is angry or try to tunjuk perasaan he will throw everything away which I think maybe is my fault because when I was pregnant with Husayn I usually will do the same thing to my Husband and mengamuk endlessly. Yes, I am guilty of that. But then I also blame Husband because he always make me lose my temper during pregnancy.

To Husayn, it has been a great experience watching you from the scanning monitor as besar as a kacang and now you are big enough to pinch mummy and scream "mak! mak!" everytime he saw me praying or I am out of his sight. Mummy loves you Husayn Zharief! May you grow up to be a beriman, wonderful and of course handsome person (that's why I name him Husayn by the way..Husayn=handsome..get it? Hahaha) and rich enough to sponsor mummy and daddy travel the world! Kehkeh. Muah! Muah!

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precious innocent said...

leh geng dgn ryan nie.. suka main dgn steering keta...

nnt besar jadi f1 driver ek... he he

-mama emma-

supermummy said...

ahah tu la..kalau main steering je dgn hon2 sekali..terkejut org sekeliling tgk ada budak kecik tgh hon2 pulak..haha

Fahidayati Ramli said...

first time melawat... nice blog... meriah giteww...

i nak link u kat my blog ek?

supermummy said...

boleh..sila2..anyway i've already added yours at mine!

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