Friday, September 5, 2008

Let's go shopping at Sogo Preview Sale!

Armed yourself with this card and you are ready to go!

Have you done your Hari Raya shopping yet? Yes, I know it is only the 4th day of puasa but it is never too early to shop for Hari Raya. I am so so excited to attend this Sogo Preview Sale which should be held tomorrow (5 September) until Saturday (6 September), which means you have two days to shop till you drop! I even applied for leave tomorrow so I can go to Sogo early in the morning and hopefully sneak pass by the crowd, which I think everyone also has that very same idea! Haha. As for the Sogo card, I just applied for the card last Saturday just to attend this sale with Husband. I found out about this Sogo Preview Sale from my office mate last week and I told Husband that I really want to go to this one and I even dragged him to go together with me! So, in the end we applied for the Sogo card so we can go together tomorrow. Hihihi. I hope I will get to buy what am I aiming to buy (yes I have a shopping check list!) and hopefully we can arrive there as early as possible!

So people, let's go to Sogo tomorrow (I bet Saturday will be more full of people than tomorrow, kan?) and shop for Hari Raya !

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shafa said...

Mst kaw2 ramai besok...kul 7 dah kna situ,baru dapat parking.

precious innocent said...


-mama emma-

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