Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Husayn's hair cut

Husayn had a haircut on Saturday! Yay! At last! I could not stand seeing those fringe got into his eyes and how serabai he look everytime he was playing and furthermore my boy is also prone to sweat! So on a fine Saturday morning I decided to take matters into my hands, and cut his hair myself! It was kind of tricky trying to cut his hair since he just cannot sit still, so what I did was put him into his tub and cut his hair while he was playing in the tub. Even then he kept crying "nanak! nanak!" while putting his hands onto his hair.

And so this is the results. Not bad, I thought and I forced everyone around me to think the same too. Haha. After having his bath, he went off to play his toys, which by the way is an assortment of cars, lorries and bikes which have been slightly modified by him - they are either without the wheels, nearly broke into two pieces and so forth.
These are some of his toys. Note the motor bike's missing front tyre. Haha. For lunch that day I made him some rice with hotdogs, fried chicken and veggie. But guess what, after a few suap, he refused to eat and continued playing. I persuaded him, forced him, ran after him around the house, but everytime the food was in his mouth he will simply play with it and the food ended up on the floor.
So what did I do? I just put the rice away for a while and waited until one hour or so, and then since he still did not want to consume it, I ended up giving the whole thing to the cats behind our house.

The above pic is his reaction when I tried to catch him to give him the rice.
And also this. Ahh..this boy really needs some good spanking..haha

By the way did you read about the milk scare from China? I was quite worried, but Dutch Lady has this press statement on their site:

Dutch Lady Milk Industries Berhad is very concerned about the tainted milk problem in China.

Dutch Lady Malaysia wants to assure all its consumers in Malaysia that Dutch Lady¡¯s full range of products for various age groups, ranging from Infant Formula to powders and liquid are safe for consumption and free from melamine contamination.

Milk products from Dutch Lady sold in Malaysia use local fresh milk or milk powder sourced from countries like the Netherlands and New Zealand.

As a precaution, in Singapore and Hong Kong, Dutch Lady affiliate companies have initiated a recall of some milk products that were sourced from China. These products are not for sale in Malaysia.

We wish to emphasize that in Malaysia, no Dutch Lady products are sourced from China, and that all Dutch Lady products are safe for consumption.

Read more all about it here

God knows what else is in all this infant milk, so I guess as a precaution do read the labels (though I'm not sure whether it helps a lot) and well, the best solution is of course breastfeeding!

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reena said...

my lil' danish pon mula2 tak berapa mkn. tapi skrg nih dah ok...

ada mcm cara kita org buat waktu dia tak berapa nak mkn tuh, salah satunya kita org mkn sama2...mmg messy dan kecoh sgt2.. tapi jadikan waktu mkn tuh seronok utk dia..buat makanan yg dia suka saja ex: danish suka mkn carrot dgn potato so kite rebus dua2 item tuh then letak meltg cheese. tunjukkan dia yg mknn tuh mmg sedap sgt2.. invite kwn kita org yg ada anak sebaya supaya dia org mkn sama2...then mcm2 lagilah..

anyway...byk2 bersabar k

supermummy said...

oo tu la..mcm2 tektik nak suruh budak2 ni makan..tektik yg biasa i guna pulak biar je dia main2 pastu sambil tu i kasi je dia makan sambil dia main tu..hahha..tp tu la letih kena kejar satu rumah..

Zanna_MamaBatrice said...

kelakar ler anak bujang tu
tunjuk gigi..........
nampak chicky

Zanna_MamaBatrice said...

wah, main air yerk husayn

precious innocent said...

marila kita sama bf anak2 kita...

-mama emma-

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