Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Hari Raya Cookies and Batik from Bandung promo!

During this Ramadhan, I am helping a friend of mine to sell her homemade Raya cookies. It is a big hit at my office and now I am promoting the cookies to all Malaysian Supermummy readers!
I have the tester with me so if you want to have a taste of the cookies you are welcome to request. Just provide your mail address and I can mail the cookies to you, or if you are afraid the cookies tester will become hancur lebur by the time it arrive at your hand, we can deliver it to you, provided that you are located around Damansara, Kelana Jaya, Taman Tun Dr Ismail or the surrounding area. You can directly email me at for any enquiry or leave comments. Thank you!

Additional note: Due to some request about delivery of cookies, please be inform that delivery outside Damansara/Kelana Jaya/TTDI or surrounding area will be charged flat rate RM10.

Other than that, self pick up also can be made at:

1. my house near LRT Kelana Jaya
2. my office at Jalan Duta
3. any meet up points in the surrounding area also can be considered

For Damansara/ TTDI/ Kelana Jaya or surrounding area, delivery is FREE OF CHARGE!

Hazelnut Mama Carries/ 50pcs/ RM22
The favourite among of 'em all! Crispy and crunchy you will not realise that you have finish the whole bowl before you know it! Also a big favourite among kids.

Kek Kukus Buah/ 1kg/ RM42
This yummy Kek Kukus Buah will simply melt the heart those who taste it! A real bargain at this price, please make your order now before it is too late! Testers are available now.

Tat Nenas/ 50pcs/ RM22
Heavenly is the word to describe this pineapple tart. Soft and sweet, it will be hard to keep your Hari Raya guests from finishing this one!

Tutifruity Bubble/ 33pcs/ RM15
This is a must for all kids out there! A mixture of Bubble Rice and raisins, this one is a healthy fare with a not-too-sweet taste. You can eat in one piece or take it bits by bits! The perfect kuih for little kids everywhere!

Biskut Gajus/ 50pcs/ RM19
I am not a big of Biskut Gajus. But this Biskut Gajus, I have to relented. I simply love this one, not because my friend is making this cookies, but because it just taste good in my mouth! Give it a try and you will know why!

Biskut Makmur/ 50pcs/ RM19
A classic in every Hari Raya, this Biskut Makmur simply rocks! Don't just look at this Biskut Makmur from the outer side, taste it to know what is inside it! My advice, taste the tester today!

Choc Strawberry Star/ 50pcs/ RM19
If you love strawberry, and you simply heart chocolate then this one is perfect for your taste buds! The kids will simply love it and the adults will simply get to drool as the kids finish it! Beware: if you have kids, the cookies might run out of stock during Hari Raya!

Golden Crispy/ 50pcs/ RM19
A cornflakes cookies by any other name will still taste the same=delicious! This one is with a twist since it is added with kuaci.

Homemade Acar Buah/ 250g/ RM20
This homemade delicacy is available all year long for order. You just have to taste it to know it!

I am drooling as I am writing this entry right now, I just can't help it! Haha. Just email me should you have any enquiry or any order.

By the way if you want to buy Batik from Bandung, do visit this site. The Batik originates from Bandung and they are oh so lovely! Ok, so maybe I am helping to promote a friend's site here but I may seem a little bit bias, but you just have to take a look to appreciate (and then of course buy it!) it!

21 superstars:

Zuhaini said...

sedapnya kuih raya....

kalau berminat how eh..? akan di pos ke kuihnya..? ke mcm mana..?

ariffda said...

menarik2 betul kuih raya tu, bbdk opis pun mcm berkenan je...

Mrs ZYI said...

mcm sedap je kuih yg 1st tu hazelnut mama carries. iskk i'm sooo interested. do you have YM or Gmail? Easier to chit chat ;)

Salam perkenalan. Been silent reader all these while..

supermummy said...

kalau nak rasa tester bole je saya poskan atau kalau duduk area ttdi/kelanajaya/damansara saya bole kasi by hand jer..kalau betol2 nak rasa tester bolela email..thanks!

ofis kat mana? kalau dekat2 area sini bole la saya passkan testernya, so bolela rasa..hehe..apa2 pon bole email jugak..thanks!

mrs zyi
alamak..sorry la kat ofis ni dia dah block ym/ gtalk atau apa2 instant messenger..haha..bole email kalau interested..salam perkenalan and thanks for visiting this site!

My Indulgenze said...

i have a MAJOR weakness for kuih makmur!!!

shafa said...

Sodap2 nya mummy...Hazelnut my faveret

puan.cokolat said...

mcm suka lak biskut makmur tu ehhh... nanti tanya en.yeop yer!
btw... i need ur email add to send an invitation.... tq!

supermummy said...

then do try out the tester!

oo ya ke..mine is biskut makmur and choc strawberry star! nyum nyum!

puan cokolat
dah fwd dah my email...ok, tanyala..kalau nak tester inform je la ya!

Ida said...

Mmmmm..nampak sgt lazat sayang saya bukan di Malaysia. Nak bawa masuk food kat sini sgt la susah. Anyway thanx ya krn menjemput saya.

Nak bg comment about milk entry yg lepas. Kalu ikut doctor kat sini 1 thn keatas dah boleh kasi fresh milk campur dgn susu badan kita. Itu lebih baik dr FM, menurut doctor sini FM byk mengandungi bahan2 campuran kimia yg kita sendiri tak pasti punca dan tujuaannya. So to be safe baik minum fresh milk. Khasiat dia lebih kurang sama jer mcm susu badan kita,bezanya yg tukang kuarkan susu tu lain....hehehhe....nak kasi sedap skit campurkan dgn raw sugar...ok...

Sue@MamaMaryam said...

sedapnya... menggoda sggh tat nenas ituew....

supermummy said...

ooo ya ke..minum fresh milk straight dari kotak tu ke...tu la ada baca jugak kalau kat oversea mmg digalakkan minum fresh milk..aha tapi kalau tgk FM mmg macam2 dia promote tu la ini la..yg ni ada byk dha la, mcm2 yg kadang2 kita sendiri pun tatau apa benda tu..hehe

haha..bole try tester kalau nak

Aisyah said...

hi...klu i nk order camne eh...still blh order lg ke?

supermummy said...

boleh je kalau nak order..nak test dulu pon boleh..silala la email ya..thanks!

Aisyah said...

hi...i ada drop u an email regarding the email add ...TQ

Kak Elle said...

thanks for visiting me but sg is too far for delivery lah.

Mrs. Amie said...

nak order la... Hazelnut Mama Carries/ 50pcs/ RM22

nak 100 eh?

E-mail me :


supermummy said...

please check your mailbox..i've already replied you email! your testers should be on the way soon!

kak elle
it's okay..anyway really appreciate u dropping by!

mrs amie
i've already emailed you regarding the details..thanks!

eedany said...

nampak sedaplah biskut2 ni...

kalau lah saya boleh order ke Kota Kinabalu...

Selamat Berpuasa supermummy...


supermummy said...

hi eedany..bole je kalau nak..hehe..selamat berpuasa!

Zanna_MamaBatrice said...

x sabarnyer nak tunggu raya
nak rasa biskut2 nie lagi

precious innocent said...

thn nie jual x?

-mama emma-

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