Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Grey's Anatomy is my cup of tea!

The full cast of Grey's Anatomy

Don't you just love Grey's Anatomy? It's just my favourite show on tv! But believe it or not I've never really watched Grey's Anatomy on tv. My first Grey's Anatomy was on a pirated dvd! Haha. Anyway all my sisters love the show and they usually watched it on tv, but me being totally clueless about tv shows and wondering what the buzz is all about McDreamy just dismissed it and wondering why do really love the show so much. And then the answer came on one fine day when I was really bored and finding something to do while breastfeeding Husayn I decided to watch Grey's Anatomy Season 3 DVD (yes it is pirated, so I am guilty of that, but don't we all? Hehe) And from then I was hooked to the show!

No, it's not because of McDreamy. I mean I just love all the characters! It's funny, sometimes heart wrenching, maybe even thought provoking but at the end of the day Grey's Anatomy is just a good tv show! You don't need to have a background on medic to love it, all you need is a heart that is easily touched..haha, well in my case at least. Anyway I wrote this entry because I have been searching high and low for the cheapest Grey's Anatomy season 2 (yes i'm going backward but they said that is the best one!) that I can get hold on of. The cheapest that I got here in Uptown is RM70! And my sister who studies in UTM said she can get it at JB for only RM30 per season! How cool is that! And most of all I am looking for the one that I can play on DVD. My sis has this collection of Grey's Anatomy Season 4 but only playable on PC, I mean I want to watch the show while breastfeeding Husayn, so it is quite impossible to watch it from the PC. Hehe.

If you guys have never watched Grey's Anatomy before, try to watch an episode. I watch most of the episodes in Season 3 with tears in my eyes, the most tears was when Meredith was drowned and watching McDreamy trying to save his girlfriend and the look on his face, wow that was priceless and truly heart breaking!

Anyway do go to this website for more on Grey's anatomy insider or even spoiler! I am not in any way related to the website, it's just that is my source of info for all things Grey's Anatomy.

Lastly wish me luck for my final paper in tomorrow exam!

4 superstars:

Zuhaini said...

a ah.. main actor dia tu (apa nama ntah.. patrick damsey ke..?) sangat hensem... :)

**gud luck on ur test!

supermummy said...

aah patrick dempsey aka mcdreamy..kehkeh..thanks for the wish!

precious innocent said...

i suka lg tgk cite2 penyiasatan mcm csi tu... huhu...

-mama emma-

adibah debot said...

I myself looking for GA. Ingat nak download online tapi nanti habis quota plk. Hee

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