Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Exam day is the dreaded day

The Book! Note the colourful tagging! Don't you think the colourful tagging make the books a little bit more appealing? Haha

Tomorrow is the dreaded day! It's the day where I will sit for my Peperiksaan Undang-Undang Kerajaan! I had a hard time studying at home with Husayn kept running over my book with his tolo car, either that or he will be fascinated by the colourful tagging of my book. So instead of taking a study leave today, I opt to study at the office. Haha. I wonder how people with little kids study for their masters or phds. Anyway, I guess this is the life of government servant. I used to work in private companies for 5 years and in my previous companies, it took at most 6 months to be confirmed in the job. And as for government, the confirmation period is between 1 to 3 years! When I first knew it I was stumped! There are like millions of things to go through before you actually are confirmed. There's the BTN, Induction Courses (there are two different induction courses that you have go through!), exams (the exam jabatan and peperiksaan undang2 kerajaan) and lastly the interview. And I used to think that working in government is a breeze through! I still have no idea whether I did pass my induction and btn courses and my exam jabatan. And if I fail (hope not!) I will have to re-sit for the exam again!

Anyway the orders are still open for my Raya cookies and I have sent a few samples through mail for free! So if you want to request the samples, you still can! As for me, I'm off to studying now!

4 superstars:

shafa said...

xda spot soalan ker mummy...baca yang tu masuk yang ni..hafal yang tue lupa yang ni..kl nak confirm ngn gvmnt mmg susah skrng.

supermummy said...

ha..nak spot camana..dia bole refer buku sebenarnye..tapi tu la..takut tak sempat jer..haha

Zanna_MamaBatrice said...

go go go
study jgn x study

precious innocent said...

dah xleh nak study ape2 dah.. otak dah bkarat...

-mama emma-

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