Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Win any contest lately?

When was the last time you win any contest? Yours truly really love to enter all this contest thingy, but somehow winning always eludes me, which basically means I rarely win! Haha. I used to enter contest using my name and Husband's but usually Husband is the one who will win something though the slogan and all the efforts are purely mine! Since having Husayn I was so bersemangat to enter all this baby contest, but somehow my son usually refuse to smile properly in front of the camera which take all those semangat away. Here's a few types of contest that I have stumbled upon:

The slogan contest
My preferred method compared to the who-send-the-most-entries method. Though it took times to create a winning slogan, sometimes it really worth it! But most of the times I don't even know what is the required winning slogan. I mean slogans are subjective matter. Sometimes you might not agree what other people deemed is good. My last winning slogan that I can remember is for The Star Contest. I got tickets to see Alicia Keys, Blue and a group of chicks who play violin (which I cannot remember their name..was it Bond?*garu kepala*), and that was like aeons ago! I dream of winning cash, car, house or even free holiday trip! Hopefully someday!

The SMS contest
I've never tried this one before, and not intent on trying anyway. I thought it has been fatwa as haram to Muslim, isn't it? Anyway to win an SMS contest it need a lot of hard work and invest loads of money too!

The who-send-the-most-entry contest
I hate this one because who send most entry means you need to attach it with proof of purchase. So you have to buy a lot of this stuff in order to qualify for the contest. Sometimes I wonder how much really do people spend to win this kind of contest. One example is the Dutch Lady Spread the Goodness of Milk Contest. I wonder how much Dutch Lady did I need to consume in order to win this contest, or are you willing to spend a few thousand buying milk and then pour it down the drain just to cut the proof of purchase in order to win RM50,000.

The creative signature contest
I've sent a few entries to a few contest for this category, but never had any luck so far. But a friend of Husband who work in an architectural company said his colleagues won a lot of contest in this category. Maybe because they are creative and maybe because they are a group of architect and architect wannabes who have all the tools and the colours at their office to create a heck of a creative signature. But whatever it is I really envy them!

And last but not least..

The scratch and win contest
never did it but have been approached a few times and not intent of doing it anyway and if you ever been approached by this people just say good bye and run!

Currently for your info Proton is having this Namakan Proton MPV contest. We, Malaysian got to name our very own national MPV ! And what's more interesting, you got to win the MPV if your chosen name is selected and you got to be famous! I mean how cool it would be to see your very own idea as the name of the Proton MPV! It does not matter if other people don't like it, you just have to make those people at Proton love your idea! Haha. So start cracking ideas and enter today!

Good luck!

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precious innocent said...

ha ha.. i tau u just menang ape... he he...

-mama emma-

supermummy said...

haha i pon tau u pon just menang apa..kehkeh

Noor Azlin Shah said...

Thx for the link back to - gud luck with yr future contest ;)


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