Thursday, October 16, 2008

Bolos saja dinding itu!

One thing that Husayn must have missed during Ramadhan was watching Bolos on Astro! Haha. He is a big fan of the Bolos show but instead of Bolos he called it "Bobos" (memang betul anakku ini orang jawalah..haha). He will not only watch but also immitate what is the Bolos contestants doing. And sometimes my family and I will shoout "Bolos! Bolos!" and Husayn will abruptly squat down as if waiting for the Bolos wall to hit him. It was really funny to watch him like that with this muka saspen and yelling "Bobos! Bobos!" himself.

Anyway during Ramadhan, Husayn will watch bolos from 8.00pm to 9.30 while I either recite the Quran or pray, and Astro will show that Bolos everyday, so that has been some kind of routine for Husayn. So now, since there's no Bolos on tv ( or are they coming with new season of Bolos since my mum said she saw some Bolos promo on tv) Husayn sometimes watch Bolos via YouTube. But have you seen the original Bolos which is from Japan but they call it Hole in the Wall? I thought it was funnier than the Malaysian version. And if you are interested to watch it, go to YouTube now!

And hey look my mum packed for me today. Sardine Sandwich! That's the merit of living with your parents eventhough you are married and have kids I guess. Now I feel like school going children...but it doesn't matter, because I really love it! The sardine sandwich I mean..hehe

Lovely Sardine Sandiwches for my buncit stomach!

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Jess said...

Hi super mummies

you are invited to visit my site

arep said...

BOBOS pun bobos lah..

jawa panggil cam tu ke kak???

Miss Nazla said...

hihi comel nye. bobos ek?
nak try guna jugak la pasnih

anyway i nak link ur site. if u dun mind. thanks mummy =0

.:CiK ArA:. said...

salam ziarah dr sya.. kekeekek.. saya pun suka tengok blos.. bloh ar geng nagn anak mummy

supermummy said...

i sure will..thanks!

aah..jawa suka panggil bobos tu..kehkeh

miss nazla
bole je..nnt saya link ur site kat supermummy fab links juga!

cik ara
haha tu la..lawak bolos tu..lagi2 part termasuk air tu..kehkeh

precious innocent said...

'bolos saja dingding ittewwwwwwwwww'

-mama emma-

Zanna_MamaBatrice said...

bolos saja dinding itu
suke ngan zizan yg poyo tu

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