Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Attack of the Horribbly-Faced Apple and Cinnamon Muffins!

Today is Monday and coming to office is such a drag. Look at my timetable below and you will understand why:

2.00am: went to sleep after watching Jennifer Aniston's Picture Perfect
5.00am: woke up for sahur
5.20am: reciting the Quran
5.45am: Husayn woke up, has to breastfeed him to sleep. Abandon my initial plan to do
my Subuh prayer after reciting the Quran
6.20am: Grudgingly woke up and sigh because it is Monday again! Went straight to the
bathroom for morning bath
6.35am: Did my Subuh prayer at last!
6.45am: Went to the kitchen to boil some water for Husayn's morning bath.
6.50am: Woke Husayn up and he as usual did a little bit of crying fit. Took him
downstairs and continued breastfeeding him. Persuaded him to go take a bath.
7.00am: Husayn has a quick warm morning bath. He was fully awake now and happily
playing with the water
7.15am: Husband came back from mosque and I finished dressing up Husayn.Rushed
upstairs to finish dressing up for myself
7.30am: Said bye bye to my father and off we go to my auntie aka Husayn's babysitter
house at Damansara Utama
7.45am: Arrived at Damansara Utama and next destination is my office. Grumbled all
the way because of the jam.Argh Monday is such a drag!
7.59am: Luckily arrived at the office one minute before time!

And now only I can breathe a sigh of relief. Haha. Anyway yesterday I managed to bake my first Apple and Cinnamon Muffins! It taste nice and fluffy but I don't know why the top does not naik properly. I mean I want my muffins to look like those gorgeous muffins that I saw on the web. Anyway if you want to see how ugly it is here it is..

The Horribly-Faced Apple and Cinnamon Muffins!

I just love love the smell of the cinnamons and tell you what, this muffins really came in handy for Husayn's breakfast!

On a different note, guess what I just realised I won RM50 from Lilcaliph.com! Go check their blog at Cotton Pumpkins for the results to see if you are one of them! And to all lovely Malaysian Supermummy readers, thank you for clicking the Lil Caliph banner! Suddenly today does not seem like a drag at all! Hihi.

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Zuhaini said...

cantek muffinnya.. hihi.. (my mom kata ada kedai kek jual tepung muffin yg dah siap sedia untuk dimasak. cuma kena tambah air saja! mom kata sedap!)

best nye kalau i boleh keluar rumah pukul 7.30.. huhu.. saya skrg ni kena keluar pukul 6.30 pg. kalau lewat 5 minit je, sure jem.. (masalahnya ari-ari lewat!) tu yang selalunya x dapat gak sampai opis pukul 7.30 sharp!

supermummy said...

wah 6.30 pagi! zu duduk mana dan ofis kat mana? isk..aha, ni bulan puasa je keluar 7.30 sbb masuk pkl 8..selalunya kalau bulan tak puasa 830 masuk, so pukul 8 keluar rumah..kehkeh

nasazfrog... said...

wahhh muffin heh mummy,,, kasik resepi lah,,, musi sodap tuh kan.. :)

supermummy said...

haha..tataula nak kata sedap ke tak..kang kata sedap perasan la pulak..hahah..orait..nnt insya allah saya share kan..kehkeh

precious innocent said...

hehe... mintak2 la thn nie cotton pumpkins buat contest simple mcm tu.. kekeke

-mama emma-

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