Friday, September 12, 2008

Alhamdulillah for a good day

I am back in the office today after two days of gruelling exams. It felt so good to come in the office finishing my undang2 kerajaan exam, and sleepless nights taking care of Husayn who is down with fever again, and then seeing this on my table:

See the word LULUS? Well, that's all I need. I pass my Exam Jabatan! Alhamdulillah. I'm on my way for my confirmation which is quite a long and strenuous journey but I hope it will be worth it. Now there's another 2 exams that I need to know the results and hopefully, I'll pass that one too.

Another thing that light up my day today is I actually can access Blogspot from my office workstation again! I blame it on the IT people who suddenly block all access to Blogspot last Monday. I understand if they are blocking Yahoo Messenger or Youtube but Blogspot? That is just too much! I was really down on Monday because of this and thinking what do I do if I want to pass my time browsing other people's blogs which are mostly hosted in Blogspot? I mean I could not even open my own blog! Luckily the powers that be somehow restore it and now everybody in this office can happily Blogspot-ting again! Alhamdulillah for that, though I am not really sure for how long. Actually there are a few sites here that are blocked at my office.

Here are some that I remember:
1. YouTube (they said too many people streaming will result in slower internet connection. after all we are sharing our connection with the public who accessed internet from here)
2. Fotopages (don't know why they blocked this, but flickr are still accessible though)
3. Friendster (too many people spend too much tiem on Friendster they claim, but Facebook and Tagged can still be accessed)
4. Any types of instant messenger (I love my yahoo messenger because it keeps me connected with my friends, but I guess I only have to keep my YM at home)
5. TV3 (no watching tv at the office, please..haha)
6. and any sites that have word celebrity it seems ( I tried to open celebritybabies site but was blocked, thanks goodness for the mushrooming of celebrity related website to feed my hunger for gossips..haha)

If you suffer the same thing like me, then let's frown together. Haha, but the existence of proxy websites help in viewing this so-called block websites. Just type in proxy in your google and you will see a lots of proxy websites to help you access the blocked websites. Hehe. Well, unless they block this proxy websites too!

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shafa said...

Tahniah dah lulus exam. Nak Tido pun senang sikit kan? ada la sikit motivasi nak kje ngn sungguh2 kan?.

supermummy said...

thank you! aah betol tu..kehkeh..

Ida said...

congratulations dear...

supermummy said...

thanks ida!

precious innocent said...


hav u try meebo?

-mama emma-

Zanna_MamaBatrice said...


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