Wednesday, August 20, 2008

You've come a long long way, baby!

Husayn at 2 days - already have sideburn!

Husayn at 4 months

Husayn at 16 months!

When you were pregnant, have you ever had this sordid thoughts about what your child is going to be? Pardon me, but I always think for the worst and I will be drowned in my own thoughts eventually. When Husayn was born, I thought of teaching him what my mother has never taught me before and letting him exploring his newfound world. It was the best of feeling watching him grow and sometimes I regret missing even a few minutes of it. I guess the best moment was when he recognize me as his mother and that special feeling when he clung to me when somebody tries to take him away. But of course there are times when you feel like pinching your own son when he does something wrong, or screamed at the supermarket and throwing tantrums in the public. And since he just turned 16 months on the 11th, here are his development milestones:

Turns the pages of a book
He not only turns the pages of the book, he can tear the whole book into pieces too! He will also take one of those doa books and pretend that he is 'mengaji' everytime he saw those arabic characters.

Discovers joy of climbing
He is climbing everywhere! You name it, the stairs, table, chairs and everything that is climb-able that he can get his hands on to.

Has temper tantrums when frustrated
He is so getting good at this temper tantrums thing that I always felt like pinching him! At home, at public places, at other people's houses, you name it. If he feel like he has to have that thing , he just had to have it. And besides screaming his heart out whenever he don't get his way, he will bites, and I really mean bites with a capital B, or even you are luckier, he will actually slap you in the face. My son sounds really scary, eh?

Gets fussy about food
Food is a problem here. He won't have his breakfast if it is consist of that baby cereal, he will only eat what the adults eat like bread or rice. If he don't want a certain food he will shout "dah! dah!" or he will stuck out his tongue and the whole food will come out of his mouth.

Becomes attached to a soft toy or other object
I don't think Husayn is becoming attached to a soft toy or object. Yes he love his cars, but there are a few of them and he still can play with no problems even without those cars.

Learns the correct way to use common objects (e.g. the telephone)
Ah, he loves the telephone! First he will take Husband or my handphone and put it to his ear and say "hello?", and then he will smile at people around him and show them that he actually know how to use the phone, and next thing I knew, he will throw that phone away! Throw it to the floor, under the bed, inside the cupboard or anywhere he feel like to!

Switches from two daytime sleeps to one
Husayn can sleep peacefully whenever my mother babysit him. I wonder why but I think because he is afraid of my mother. But comes weekend or if I am around, he will have the least sleep as possible so he can play.

Plays with ball
He will shout "ball!" and throw the ball away. For some reason he refuse to kick the ball (a sign of kaki bangku kot? Haha) and prefer throwing the ball away.

"Helps" around the house
Heling around the house is a favourite of his. He loves going to the kitchen and take all those senduk and bang the wall away. Some of the senduk are already broken because he just bang too hard. And for some reason, he also love to take a bowl and one senduk and pretend that he is cooking. And then he will look at me and said "sak!" which actually means masak. Hehe

Adopts "no" as his favourite word
"No" is so orang putih, Husayn instead will keep saying "ha..ha..tak tau" while moving his finger. When people around him start laughing everytime he repeats that, he will keep saying the tak tau thing.

Vocabulary increases up to five words
I don't know about this. Five words? Let me count..he can say tak tau, solat, bas, bike, bird, gunung (thanks to Gunung Kinabalu!), makan, masak, nenen (does this count? haha), tok, mama, abah, all of my sisters name and my brother's name, dah, ok so that is more than 5. The funny thing about Husayn is he will call anybody that look old as Tok. The other day he saw Nik Aziz (yes Nik Aziz of PAS!) in the newspaper and he keep pointing his finger at him and shout "Tok!Tok". When we went out and saw men who are around my father's age or older he will also call Tok.

Responds to directions (e.g. "Sit down")
He will sit if I say sit, but only for a few minutes. Yes, he is that restless!

Dances to music
He loves dancing to music! In fact everytime he watch Bob the Builder or Thomas and Friends at Playhouse Disney, he only layan the opening song of the cartoons. Once the cartoon starts his attention are just not really there anymore.

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