Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Tips and petua to help you get by

If you have kids, you know how difficult and challenging life could be, with all those fever, poo poo problems and various other health related matters that you can think of. Here are some tips that I have been using and it actually works!

Fever / Demam
1. Aloe Vera
Aloe Vera is what I call the multi purpose plant. It should be mandatory for all houses in Malaysia to plant have aloe vera plant in their house, yes it is that useful! The aloe vera plant has been known to contain anti fungal, anti bacterial and anti viral properties. And for this reason, when Husayn was down with fever recently, and I still failed to insert that ubat punggung (what's wrong with me and this ubat punggung anyway), Husband suggest the aloe vera. So what we did was peel the skin of the aloe vera and take out the gel inside. We mashed the gel to be more even and smoothed the gel on Husayn's head. Yes, it will look messy and sometimes the gel will be all over the bed, but it works miracolously in keeping his head cool.

2. Tamarind or Asam Jawa
I'm sure most of our house have this, especially for Malays. The tamarind or asam jawa not only work wonders in our cooking, but it can also be use as natural healing for fever. Just mix the asam jawa paste with water. Once ready, sponge the mix all over your child. From head to toe, sponge it all over the body and it really help in lessening the fever temperature! This surely beat any ubat punggung! And best of all, it is easy to do and natural!

Besides that, I suggest drinking lots and lots of water, and give him some barley ( to prevent panas dalam), and also regular intake of madu (especially for child above 1 year old) will help to make sure your child is in good health.

Constipation or Sembelit

Have you ever had problems where your child is suffering from constipation? During my recent trip to Sabah, Husayn has not been poo pooing for 4 days and I was really worried. So what I did was take a little bit of Sunquick (the size of 5 cent would be enough), and give it to him. 30 minutes later, voila! All problems solve. Haha. Anyway my babysitter provided me with this tips and it's really really useful. Wonder whether it works on adults like me.

Well those are a few tips that I have been practising all this while. If you have any other tips that you want to share related to your child, please do share!

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Zuhaini said...

wah.. very nice tips!!! i tatau pun sunquick leh cure constipation.. (yg i tau, prune! hihi) er.. nak tanya, sunquick tu perisa apa? oren je ke..? kalau bagi perisa mangga..? hihi...

yg asam jawa tu pun kawan saya kata lumur kat kepala time baby demam.. (tp saya x penah buat pun!) hihi..

erm.. saya tak da tips la.. sori.. :(

Mamamarina said...

tq.. for the useful tips.. both of my kids mmg mcm2 especially si boy dgn athmanyer n si kakak yang kalo mmg maen high fever jerk.. x maen mild fever one.. n everytime jumpe doc i akan mintak antibiotic yg high dose.. tp dah ade tips ni i prefer yang ni drpd medication cure.. will try later..

achee_b165 said...

emmm...kdg2 petua org2 lama nie berguna, cuma dgn kecangihan teknlogi zaman skrg membuatkn org lupa & kurang praktikan....


supermummy said...

sunquick perisa apa2 pon boleh..sbb hari tu saya pun kasi perisa mangga..heheh

betol tu..selalu terus jumpa doktor je..malas nak pikir..bila ubat doktor tak berkesan barula sibuk nak cuba petua..

Zanna_MamaBatrice said...

thanks a lots intan
me ada masalah ngan penghadaman ler...susah tul nak "membuang"
kalu dpt membuang tu rasa cam lega jer....
me setuju...sunquick leh tolong atasi masalah sembelit
aloe vera tu...sejuk jer bila sapu kat kepala or muka kan...he he he

precious innocent said...

nak kene copy paste tempek kat blog nie..

-mama emma-

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